Bursa Yenişehir Railway Infrastructure Works Have A Lot To Do

bursa yenisehir railway infrastructure works have a lot of work
bursa yenisehir railway infrastructure works have a lot of work

Last week… Bursa Domination 'our colleague Namık Eyele Ankara'on the way BOZÜYÜK standing under the viaduct at the entrance High speed train'the passage of envy of We watched.

"When will we see in Bursa even without YHT?" we also talked.


Yenisehir-Bilecik line external loan To the treasury approval the project continues on heavily clunky Bursa-Yenisehir No serious progress is observed in the line.

For example…

Since it is solved by consolidation, there is no expropriation. Yenişehir Plain 'Never entered. Bursa on the side infrastructure Despite the 70% realization explanations, his works do not exceed 50%, and it seems difficult to finish before 3-4 years.


Of these studies allowance there is no problem.


It will start after the infrastructure ballast, traverse, rail laying, electrification, signaling We haven't even started to talk about superstructure works like. Station constructions project tender is also constantly postponed.

Time Loss in High Speed ​​Train

Yenisehir-Bilecik not yet starting the line TCDD priority Bursa-Yenisehir to complete the line and to reach the airport He gave.

However, the most serious waste of time tunnels He is experiencing.

For example…

According to the project, there is a total of 16.5 kilometers of tunnels. 9.5 kilometers of these tunnels were built, 7 kilometers left.

Tunnels, if everything goes right 4 meters of progress can be achieved per day. According to this account New city'To complete tunnels only in the section up to Close to 4 years required. (Ahmet Emin Yılmaz/Olay)



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