MTB President Özdemir: 'The Container Port Project Belong to Mersin'

mtb president ozdemir belongs to container port project myr
mtb president ozdemir belongs to container port project myr

Mersin Commodity Exchange President Abdullah Özdemir stated that the project, previously called 'Mersin Container Port', was included in the 'Presidential Annual Program' as 'to be determined in the Eastern Mediterranean region'.

There are several projects that directly or indirectly concern Mersin in the 2020 Presidential Annual Program. These:

Measure 335.3. The Konya-Karaman-Niğde-Mersin-Adana-Osmaniye-Gaziantep railway line will be completed and access to the manufacturing industry sectors to Adana, Mersin and İskenderun ports will be facilitated.

Action: Adana-Mersin 3rd and 4th Line Construction and 1st and 2nd Line Rehabilitation, Çukurova Airport Connection project will begin construction.

Measure 336.2. A main cargo port focused on transit will be built in the Eastern Mediterranean region, which will be the gateway to the Middle East and Central Asia geography.

Action: Location determination will be made in the Eastern Mediterranean region and survey-project studies will be completed.

Measure 338.2. Çukurova Airport will be completed and its connection with the main railway network will be provided.

Action: 65 percent physical realization level will be achieved in the ongoing infrastructure works of Çukurova Airport. The superstructure facilities will be tendered within the scope of PPP.

Measure 339.3. Çukurova Regional Airport Connection Road will be completed.

Action: Çukurova Regional Airport connection road will be completed.

Measure 339.5. Erdemli-Silifke-Taşucu-13, which provides the connection of the Eastern Mediterranean region to the Western Mediterranean region. Regional Border State Road and Alanya-Gazipaşa-5. Regional Border State Road (Mediterranean Coastal Road) will be completed.

Action: Erdemli-Silifke-Taşucu-13. Regional Border State Road and Alanya-Gazipaşa-5. Work will be completed on the 21 km section of the Regional Border State Road (Mediterranean Coastal Road).

Measure 339.8. Adana South Ring Road, which will serve the connection of Adana and Osmaniye Organized Industrial Zone and Ceyhan Industrial Specialization Region to Yenice Logistics Center and Mersin Port, will be completed.

Action: Construction works will be completed on the 6 km section of Adana South Ring Road.

Vice President Fuat Oktay previously emphasized that the project belongs to Mersin

Özdemir, I think that among these projects, which are of great importance for our city, we should focus on Container Port investment immediately. Because, for the related project, "Location determination will be made in the Eastern Mediterranean region and survey-project studies will be completed." pass the description.

However, this investment was named as “Mersin Container Port” in the Tenth Development Plan. As a city, if we do not take action to determine the location determination as Mersin, provinces such as Adana and Hatay in the Eastern Mediterranean will want to claim this project.

Moreover, when Mr. Lütfi Elvan, President of the Plan and Budget Committee, addressed the issue during the 11th Development Plan negotiations, our Vice President Mr. Fuat Oktay had already emphasized that the project belongs to Mersin.

We Can't Afford Losing the Container Port Project as Mersin

The port is the heart of the Mersin economy. Therefore, the port is an indispensable element of every future projection for our city. With the Container Port Project, our city will go a long way towards being a logistics center.

In addition, expanding the port capacity has now become an imperative for Mersin. Accordingly, we cannot afford to lose this project, which has been in the investment plans for many years, as Mersin.

We Must Be All Mersin One Body

With this fact, Özdemir should create an effective lobbying force not only for the Container Port Project but also for all our investments in Mersin. Achieving the goals included in the Annual Program in terms of our city, and also designing new projects that are not included in this Program but that Mersin needs depends on our act as a city.

We have the power to achieve this by working in coordination with all the dynamics of our city, especially the ownership of our state. However, with this vision, we can ensure that Mersin develops further in every field, from the economy to the level of welfare, from the quality of social life to employment and income generation capacity. used expressions.

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