Gender Equality Training for Antalya Public Transport Drivers

gender equality training for antalya mass transportation
gender equality training for antalya mass transportation

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality provided training to public transport drivers on gender equality and combating violence against women. Sociologist Semra Eksilmez told the woman that violence is a human rights violation.

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, the first metropolitan municipality to sign an emergency action plan on violence against women and child abuse, continues its efforts to prevent violence against women. Metropolitan Municipality, after the police personnel, also provided public transport drivers with training on awareness and gender equality in combating violence against women.


The training that took place at the Metropolitan Municipality Conference Hall, Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Inc. Public transportation drivers attended by Deniz Filiz, Chairman of the Board. In the training given by the sociologist Semra Eksilmez, violence against women, the effects of domestic violence on children and types of violence were discussed. 10 of every 3 women exposed to physical violence in Turkey that does not express a sociologist Semra Cons, "Research in 23.6% of men who apply physical and sexual violence against women in Turkey have received undergraduate and graduate education. Violence is also a misconception that culture is a part. There is no justification for violence. Violence is mostly directed against women, children, old people, disabled people, immigrants. ”


Speaking about the negative effects of violence on women, Sociologist Semra Eksilmez said, “Because of violence, women's health deteriorates, they may lose power or lose their lives. It greatly damages women's self-esteem and is a human rights violation. 38 percent of women's murders worldwide are committed by their wives or the people they live with. ”

Sociologist Semra Eksilmez, who also talked about the types of violence, said: “We can divide it into four as physical, psychological, sexual and economic violence. We can define physical violence as a means of intimidation, intimidation and sanction of brute force. Such as beating-beating, starvation, burning with cigarettes, leaving in the cold. Acts such as forced marriage at an early age, abduction of girls, forced prostitution, sexual abuse, molestation with eyes and hands, sending sexually explicit photos and videos in digital media are also included in sexual violence. Depriving women of the economic opportunities they need to survive, kazanSanctions such as confiscation of criminals, not being allowed to work, and confiscation of their property are also economic violence against women.”


Stating that violence in the family also has negative effects on children, Semra Eksilmez said, “Children who experience or witness violence in their families have self-distrust, adaptation problems, personality problems, crime, suicidal tendencies and antisocial features.”

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