Public transportation trades in Antalya unite under one roof

Public transportation trades in Antalya unite under a single roof: Public transportation tradesmen, Esnaf Ulaşım A.Ş. under the name of the company, under a single roof to unite under an important step. Antalya Metropolitan Municipality gave full support to this pleasing initiative for the benefit of tradesmen. A small number of freight traders who were hesitant to turn the 2 minibus into an 1 bus were given an additional period until 11 November.
Under the leadership of Adlıhan Dere, the President of the Chamber of Tradesmen and Artisans, the Metropolitan Municipality is to be united under one roof. to support the tradesmen. Metropolitan Municipality officials, the interest of the trades of the company is a work of pleasing and promising, the public transportation trades, only to their partner to this company called on to be shared. Drawing attention to the fact that the tradesmen gathered under the roof of a company would be much more economically comfortable, rahatla In accordance with UKOME decisions, a joint income pool was established and all income is still shared equally. Thus, the inequality between the trades has been eliminated and the revenues have increased. In addition to increasing the income of our tradesmen, one of the most important issues is the decrease of the expense. If all our trades come together under the roof of this company, the expenses will decrease significantly. Large purchases can be made when buying vehicles, credit, insurance, tire, spare parts, maintenance, such as many other items of expense will be much cheaper. This will make a great contribution to the budget of our shopkeepers. Bu
On the other hand, the small number of public transport tradesmen who hesitated to turn the 2 minibus into an 1 bus was given an additional period until November. According to UKOME's decisions, it was announced that nowadays midibuses are mixed up in history, public transportation in Antalya will be done with low altitude, suitable for disabled people, air-conditioned buses. For this, still making 11-meter car owner who trades 7 to 2 conversion 1 meter bus to join the system or the old M plates rights by returning to 12-seater minibus with out of town was given a deadline of 14 October 15 to make choices about working on the lines. Some misunderstandings and pause live trades in a short time due to pollution information, facts discovered by the transformation said "yes" and more than 2016 400 to 2 trades participate in the conversion system gave the petition. The Metropolitan Municipality has extended the application period to the 1 November 11 by giving a last one for the few tradesmen who are still hesitant. It was emphasized that the application will not be accepted after this date.
The tradesmen who accept the transformation will participate in the urban system and will be able to partner with the newly established company and benefit from it. You did not want to join and Conversion of trades minibus states that the petition until the same date, going back to the old M plate right and çalışacak.xnumx until November 11 in outline if there is no recourse without trades will be deemed to have accepted the 2016 to 2 conversion. Craftsmen will join their systems by taking 1 12 date up to the date of their new vehicles according to the preferences of the 14 meter bus or 31 personality minibus. After this date, the 2016 meter EU, ATT plate group vehicles will not be able to operate on urban and off-highway lines.
When the application in question is implemented, the difference in vehicle and inequality of income will be eliminated, the unrest in the trades and the inequality will interfere in history. Transportation within the city will be made entirely by large and one type 12 meters. Low base, suitable for disabled people, air-conditioned buses will be comfortable travel. Expectations will not be expected in the stops.

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