Inspections Increased with the Beginning of Tourism Season in Alanya

inspections increased with tourism season
inspections increased with tourism season

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Officer, Alanya began the tourist season with the start of routine inspections increased.

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Police and teams, Alanya Police Department in cooperation with the Traffic Branch Directorate of various points of Alanya made audits. Private public buses, services and taxis were stopped at the checkpoints and inspected in terms of working documents, general documents, drivers' clothing, in-car air conditioners and customer satisfaction.

During the last 15 day inspections made by the police and the police, those who were missing documents, who had excessive traffic contradictions in their vehicles and who were not dressed properly were warned. Legal fines were imposed on the 12 public bus and 6 commercial taxi, which did not comply with the rules and did not have the required documents.

The people who are satisfied with the inspections stated that domestic and foreign tourists prefer public transportation in Alanya and said, düzenli Regular inspection of the people and vehicles that do this job provides both safe transportation and discipline. We would like to thank the Metropolitan Municipality for their efforts. ”

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