6 Arrested in Scrap Corruption at TCDD

People arrested in scrap corruption on tcdd
People arrested in scrap corruption on tcdd

Answering the question of CHP Istanbul Deputy Mahmut Tanal, Transport Minister Mehmet Cahit Turhan stated that 6 personnel were discharged from the civil service and 1 employee was sentenced to cut from monthly.

Turhan said that a total of 2019 investigations into scrap corruption were launched in 2020-8, 5 were completed, and 3 were still ongoing. Turhan informed that the prosecution also seized the situation.

Tanal, the CHP, asked for the establishment of a Research Commission in the Assembly for scrap corruption in public institutions.

CHP Istanbul Deputy Mahmut Tanal brought the allegations that "irregular scrap was sold" at TCDD to the Assembly's agenda through a question motion.

Tanal, Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Mehmet Cahit Turhan;

  • Are there any administrative or judicial investigations initiated against TCDD on the grounds that illegal scrap sales are made?
  • Are there any TCDD personnel, officials, bureaucrats who are investigated, suspended, dismissed, dismissed, punished with the claim of 'scrap corruption'?
  • Is it true that the wagons that have not yet expired are cut and scraped at Sivas Bostankaya Station, and sold?

He posed questions.


Responding to the CHP's Mahmut Tanal's question motion, Minister Turhan stated that 8 investigations were initiated, 5 were completed and 3 are still ongoing in TCDD regarding the allegations of scrap corruption. Turhan explained that 6 personnel were dismissed from civil service because of the act of 'scrap corruption' and 1 personnel received a monthly penalty.

Minister Turhan said, “A total of 2019 investigations / inquiries have been made in 2020-8 regarding claims such as illegal scrap sales, corruption and theft, 5 of them have been completed and 3 of them are still under investigation. Two issues were submitted to the Chief Public Prosecutor. Between 2 and 2010, one person was punished with the penalty of cutting 2020 month from monthly and 1 personnel for dismissal due to the act of 'scrap corruption'. In addition, from time to time, the reports are investigated and the administration is initiated, and the transactions are reported to the informer. ”

Rejecting the claims that the wagons that have not yet expired have been cut and scraped in Sivas Bostankaya Station, Turhan said, “The wagons in Sivas Bostankaya Station were mainly manufactured in 1954, and offer proposals were made about the wagons that were not able to use them and whose repairs were not economical. and a decision to dismiss was made. According to the legislation, the sales of the deployed wagons were made to the Machinery and Chemical Industry Corporation (MKEK) Scrap Management Directorate (HURDASAN A.Ş.). The wagons and cuts of the wagons that have not expired have not been completed ”.


Meanwhile, CHP Istanbul Deputy Mahmut Tanal demanded that a Research Commission be established in the Turkish Grand National Assembly to determine the measures to be taken in order to prevent the "scrap corruption" in public institutions and organizations by examining the allegations that state-owned scraps were sold illegally.

Tanal, who gave a research proposal to the Assembly Presidency with his deputies, drew attention to the news about 600 tons of scrap metal materials kept in the warehouses of Düzce Municipality, whose market value is estimated to be approximately 400 thousand TL, disappeared, and the situation in TCDD, We should not say “scrap”. The Assembly must do its part in investigating the fate of state-owned scraps and allegations of 'Scrap corruption'. ”

Tanal, whether or not the sale of scraps in public institutions and institutions, municipalities, universities and military units, whether the scraps were sold to private persons, how much income was earned from the sale of scraps in the public, whether the sales of scraps in the institution were recorded or not yet expired. He underlined that the questions should be answered whether the materials were scraped or displayed as scrap.

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