Project Preparations Started for the Associate in Bursa

project preparations for calling in bursa started
project preparations for calling in bursa started

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality has started project preparations for infrastructure and stream improvement, as well as works involving crossroads and bridges in the Çağrışan District of Mudanya.

Bursa Metropolitan Mayor Alinur Aktaş, who met with neighborhood headmen in all districts and listened to the problems first hand, examined the problems related to infrastructure, stream improvement and connection to the road to Mudanya at the meeting of Mudanyalı village headman Ahmet Gün. Coming to Çağrışan with the accompanying Transportation Department Head Gazali Şen and Zoning and Urbanization Department Head Murat Akdaş, President Aktaş was welcomed by Ahmet Günr. Seeing the problems related to infrastructure, stream improvement and reconstruction, President Aktaş also made examinations in the intersection area of ​​the neighborhood, which is planned to be built as a starting point for the road to Mudanya.

Versatile work

Giving information about the planned activities in the region after the investigation, Mayor Aktaş said that they saw the problems related to infrastructure, transportation and stream reclamation expressed by the Chief of Governor Ahmet Gün at the meeting of the muhtars. Reminding that the supervisors of the relevant units are also present in Çağrışan, Mayor Aktaş said, “The problem is here; There are villas and residences built with local reconstruction at the time of public works. There is a village settlement area. There are different school projects and schools with timely approval. There are 5-6 private schools in the region. When you consider all of these as a whole, there is a serious circulation problem, there is turmoil. Of course, it was made in yellow for years. It is necessary to gather all of these together as an infrastructure, superstructure and road. There are also occupations on the road. We will also notify the necessary notifications to people. Hopefully, we want them to be organized with a very heavy and costly application. But I want to express this especially. It is an inevitable fact that all our citizens act in accordance with the zoning rules. If they adapt in this way, our job will be easier. Because you have a very serious infrastructure, stream improvement and the cost of bridges and junctions with it. Hopefully, we will design and work in a short time. In the meantime, as the highway work also corresponds to this region, we are waiting for news from the public-private partnership from the highway, we submitted it with a petition. Obviously, it is necessary to integrate the content of their work with this work. I hope that our work will be beneficial to the region already. ”



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