BursaRay Expeditions Increased Pending Longer

When the increase in the flights to Bursaray waits prolonged
When the increase in the flights to Bursaray waits prolonged

Increased flights in the morning and evening to prevent congestion in BursaRay triggered the signaling problem. In some stations up to 3 minutes "waiting in full wagons" problem, the new signaling tender will solve.

BursaRay, which burdened the transportation load in the city center, is trying to solve the 'density' and 'waiting' problems that have emerged with the rapidly increasing passenger capacity in the recent period. BursaRay, which started to serve the city population of 2000 million 1 thousand people in 300, has updated its systems / wagons in the 3-year period when the population exceeds 20 million, but it was not possible to permanently eliminate the congestion experienced during working days in the morning and evening.


Citizens, especially in the last period suffered from not being able to board the full wagons and waiting at the stations ... Hundreds of thousands of people at the same time to go to work / school at the same time in the evening and the intensity experienced in the evening, trying to alleviate by increasing the number of BursaRay Campaigns. It was determined that additional trips in the morning and evening reduced the congestion in the wagons relatively, but triggered another problem.


It is reported that BursaRay signaling system has problems adapting to the increases in the voyages and puts the wagons compulsory on hold at some stops. Passengers are waiting in full wagons for periods of 1-3 minutes and cannot leave the station before the transition signal arrives. Officials, 'intensity' produced to alleviate the solution 'waiting' problem on the creation of a new signaling reminded that the tender, the work for a permanent solution, he said. (Olay)


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