Balıkesir Traffic 53 Relieved by Smart Intersection System

balikesir traffic percent relaxed
balikesir traffic percent relaxed

As a result of the road widening works carried out by opening lanes at the Station, Government House and Clover Junction with the instruction of Balıkesir Metropolitan Mayor Yücel Yılmaz; According to data received from the smart intersection system relieved 53 percent of traffic in Balikesir.

Balikesir Metropolitan Mayor Yucel Yilmaz, Balikesir has started to work on the relief of city traffic began to yield results. Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Planning and Rail Systems and Science Affairs Department; The joint road expansion work at the Station, Government House and Clover Junction jointly reduced the queuing time in the city's traffic by an average of 53.


Data were recorded and measured instantly from the smart intersection system managed by the Traffic Planning Center by the Department of Transportation Planning and Rail Systems. Measurements, Balikesir traffic on the most intense Fridays, traffic peaks were made during the hours. In the city center, lane opening and road widening, 53 reduction of the time loss in traffic, as well as traffic controlled and regularized, the drivers have saved time and fuel.


At the intersection point of Altıeylül and Karesi districts, Vasıf Çınar Street Station Junction area, one-kilometer double-sided lane expansion and rainwater drainage works were completed. Morning and evening shifts to ease the intensity of the way in and out of the work done in the planning gave positive results. In the direction of arrival in Bursa, the queuing time, which was one thousand 432 minutes in September, was reduced to 710 minutes in November following the completion of the work at the Station Junction. Again, after the arrangement at the Station Junction, the turn of the station from Izmir direction to the thousand 51 minute queuing time in September decreased to 160 minutes and 300 percent improvement was achieved. 74 minute queuing time in Izmir in September decreased to 665 minute in November and 15 percent improvement was achieved. In terms of arrivals in Edremit, the queuing time of five thousand 98 minutes in September decreased to 615 thousand 4 minutes in November, resulting in an improvement of 85 percent.


Following the completion of the work at the Station Junction, the government's convergence junction was reduced to a thousand 917 minutes in September, down from a thousand 322 minutes in November. Yonca Junction after the studies in the direction of the arrival of Bağlar Street in September 31 thousand 5 minute queuing time 997 thousand 3 minutes, Edremit arrival in September 750 minute queuing time fell to 712 minutes in November, the rate of improvement was achieved by 317. 55 was the total improvement thanks to all the work done at the Station, Government House and Clover Junction.

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