A First in Turkey! .. Mediterranean Coast Path Gets Smart

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mediterranean beach

A First! .. Mediterranean Coastal Highway in Turkey Gets Smart; Transport and Infrastructure Minister Mehmet Cahit Turhan, a Smart Way to Pilot Started as a Mediterranean Coastal Road that 505-kilometer part of fiber optic infrastructure completion, said: "Turkey, after the completion of the headquarters and field components will have a smart way." He said.

Turhan, said in a statement, communication is common in all stages of transportation, intelligent transportation systems entered human life, he said.

Turhan stated that the information-supported transportation infrastructure is now being used by developed countries in the world and that traffic safety is provided to a significant extent in addition to increasing driving comfort thanks to these smart roads.

Road, vehicle and caused by the provision of mutual communication between passengers "intelligent transport systems" in Turkey in the efficient use and abroad, underlining that they plan to disseminate to the general Turhan, "Highways our've made our plans to make very smart with 15 thousand kilometers of fiber optic cable." Said he said.

“Fiber infrastructure installation completed”

Within the framework of smart road targets, 5 stated that they made the planning of a thousand kilometers of road and said, fiber Fiber optic infrastructure was completed in 505 kilometer section of Mediterranean Coast Road which was started as a Smart Road Pilot Application. In this context, the construction of the Smart Transportation Systems Center building, where the systems to be installed will be managed, has been completed. Pay

Minister Turhan emphasized that the installation of fiber optic cables on the 505 kilometer highway network, which will enable the system components to be established in the center and the field to communicate with each other, has been completed.

Expressing that the location and characteristics of the intelligent transportation systems components to be established in the road network are determined, Turhan said that they have also made the service procurement for the design of the center where all systems will be managed.

Turhan, transferring that they planned to take a tender for construction of the headquarters and field components in 2020, Turkey's central and field after the completion of the component underlined the smart way to be gained.

Turhan reminded that they have established similar ones in cities in order to provide the benefits of smart transportation infrastructure in the city, adding that they make the cities smart.

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