GAZİULAŞ Staff Will Speak in Sign Language

gaziulas staff will now speak in sign language
gaziulas staff will now speak in sign language

Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality within the scope of in-house training activities of the Department of Transportation staff will be given sign language training. The metropolitan will support the hearing impaired with the 750 employee in the training aimed at adapting the hearing impaired to social life.

The Metropolitan Municipality, which works in accordance with the slogan Dostu Friendly City without Barriers ”, started to provide sign language training to its employees in order to provide communication with hearing impaired people who want to go from place to place by public transport in daily life. Wishing to make life easier for disabled citizens who are an integral part of the society, the metropolitan will provide 3 daily accelerated training to sign language employees who are normally taught at the end of the 5 monthly course so that they can reach people with disabilities faster, more quickly and more effectively. Employees who were happy to learn the sign language techniques shown by Sign Language Interpreter Pınar İzci in the Department of Disabled and Health Services thanked the Metropolitan Municipality for providing such an important education.

Şahin Kayhan, a security guard at the tram stop participating in the training at Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Gaziantep Ulasim AS (GAZIULAS) Tram Maintenance Station Service Building, said, de At the place where I work, we contact an average of 3 thousand people per day. There are also disabled citizens in this issue. They also want to contact us, but we can not understand. We're trying to redirect, but it's not enough. We have taken courses with the work that the municipality has started for such hearing impaired people and we will help them. In the future, we will provide better and more effective communication with the course. ”

Aziz Çelik, a member of Gaziantep Card Processing Center, said, uz We are very happy for this training offered by the superiors and chiefs of the Metropolitan. Of course, as Gaziantep Card staff, we had a hard time communicating when our disabled citizens were going to issue an identity card. We had problems in asking questions and getting answers. Thanks to the training I received with the disabled citizen who came two days ago. We solved the problem at that moment and realized the process. This gave me a different kind of happiness and excitement. I will be better assisted by sign language when my training is completed..

GAZİULAŞ Bus Driver Hasan Karakuş said: zaman When we stopped at the bus stop, our disabled citizen was trying to explain where he wanted to go, but we didn't understand. Most of our drivers have happened to our friends. The course given was very useful. Sounds like a separate language to us, as if we learned another language. We practice at home with family members. ”

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