Signature Campaign for the Cancellation of Sapanca Cable Car Project Started

The signature campaign for the Sapanca cable car project has started
The signature campaign for the Sapanca cable car project has started

Those who objected to replace the one to be held in the Hasanpaşa Neighborhood in Sapanca Kırkpınar started a petition on the internet.

The Teleferik project, which has recently been occupying our provincial agenda, still maintains its warmth in the agenda. Citizens taking action in the "Cable Car Project" region planned to be built On their site, they invited those who want to oppose the ropeway project to the signature campaign. The statement made on the site included the following statements:

”Sapanca Municipality wants to cut trees and build a cable car in the disaster recovery area !!! We are against the cable car instead of it !!!

The Municipality of Sapanca is determined to implement the ropeway project planned to be run between Kırkpınar Neighborhood and İncebel Recreation Area in Mahmudiye Neighborhood. Aside from inadequate infrastructure work, this area is planned to be built on the DISASTER COLLECTION area!

The area where the cable car will be built is a huge green field with a children's playground and sports area in the middle of the neighborhood. There are many trees and plants planted in the area. Together with the project, it is planned to cut these trees. Moreover, this area is the ancestral lands that the great great grandfathers personally handed over to the people of the region with the condition of staying green area.

Sapanca (Kırkpınar) is the only district in this region with no double path. Due to the large number of vehicles, there is already a serious traffic problem. There is no possibility to expand the road. Thousands of visitors will not bear the burden of the region and this project will cause serious problems, accidents. Not to mention the noise pollution after the cable car installation and the environmental pollution created by the visitors.

It is planned to build 30 facilities at the end of the cable car. And unfortunately this region is a rotten forest… They claim that 3000 trees will be cut in a 60-acre project, but currently only 10 trees are marked within the finish area. So it's a blatant scam!

Stops will be built at every level of the lift and the tree massacre will continue!

According to the regulation, the distance between the cable car cabin and the vegetation is at least 7 m, which means that the cutting process will not only be made with stops but the mountain will be trimmed.

With all these tree cutting operations and high altitude precipitation, it will create an artificial stream and cause Kırkpınar to be inundated. The security of life and property of the rightful person of the region is also in danger!

It is desired to enter 10 meters below the ground and build a car park, but the overlooked point is the water basin of SAPANCA LAKE. Incredible engineering mistakes are made!

Your support for protecting our rare green areas and preventing serious disasters is very important for us. We believe that leaving green spaces for our children is more important than half an hour of fun!

Thank you for your support in advance! "

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