Corporate Identity for Smart City Bursa

smart city bursaya corporate identity
smart city bursaya corporate identity

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, within the scope of restructuring work towards enhancing the quality of life of citizens and solving the city's problems is a first in Turkey 'Intelligent Urbanization and Innovation Department has founded.

Smart Urbanism vision was strengthened by connecting R & D Department, Smart Urbanism Branch and Geographic Information Systems Branch to Smart Urbanism and Innovation Department. Smart city concept with; It is aimed to utilize the existing natural environment, energy, transportation and human resources in metropolitan cities at a more efficient, sustainable and controllable level. With the decision taken, smart urbanism practices, which are considered as a city management tool, are planned to be focused on in the new period in Bursa. The problems arising in the areas such as housing, infrastructure, transportation, education, health, security, environment and energy and the need to utilize the resources at the maximum level caused by the increasing population and migration caused the city management to utilize the 'opportunities offered by technology' to the maximum extent.

'Smart' solutions for Bursa

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, which sees the future of Bursa in smart solutions, plans to manage the differentiating needs of Bursa in terms of transportation, environment, health, energy, security and management, with its increasing population, by using information and communication technologies more and more. In order to provide citizens with a sustainable, prosperous and participatory future, they want to spread smart urbanism practices in individual cities. In order to realize these projects, it aims to measure the mobility in the city, collect data in every field, store and ultimately create and analyze big data.

Smart touches reciprocated

Innovation and smart urbanism applications have shown themselves in a short time with the applications made in Bursa, which facilitates life in a short time. After the Metropolitan Mayor Alinur Aktaş started his duty in Bursa, the “smart intersection” applications, which were made as a practical and economical touch in the intersections, which seemed to be a bottleneck in the solution of the transportation problem, breathed the city traffic. According to the data of the Netherlands-based company, which prepares statistics about traffic congestion worldwide, Bursa ranked 2017th in the list of the most congested provinces in 68, leaving 2018 cities behind in 5 with a 92 percent relief, and ranked 160th. Small but smart touches immediately found an answer in the short-term solution of the traffic problem.

With the new formation, smart city applications that are popular in transportation, environment, health, social, security, energy and mobility in the world will be spread in Bursa. On the other hand, 21 million TL project application in smart urbanism and urban transformation area was approved within the scope of Şehir Cities of the Future Grant Program kapsamında within the scope of efforts to create projects financing. The implementation of these initiatives and the creation of similar funding sources will continue with this vision.

The new key to development: Innovation

The establishment of the necessary infrastructure for the creation of new ideas for a more livable Bursa and the transformation of ideas into products, methods or services that create added value will lead the established department. The decision is aimed at updating, improving or introducing a completely different service in municipal services in a way that will provide economic and social benefits to citizens under ever-changing Bursa conditions. With the adoption of the innovation approach in the municipality, it was predicted that smart urbanism activities will accelerate the implementation of the new period.

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