Action Held for Motorway Project to Pass Through Ballıkayalar Nature Park

ballikayalar nature park, the night was organized for the highway project action
ballikayalar nature park, the night was organized for the highway project action

Non-governmental organizations called on the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization to review the decision regarding the Kocaeli-Istanbul project, which is planned to pass the 1.7 kilometer through the Ballıkayalar Nature Park.

DW According to Turkish news; TMMOB Chamber of Environmental Engineers Istanbul and Kocaeli branches, North Forests Defense, Kocaeli Ecological Living Association and nature defenders, planned to pass through the protest Balityayalar Nature Park organized to protect.

Representatives of non-governmental organizations and environmentalists who met in the park called on the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization to reconsider the decision.

The Istanbul-Kocaeli Motorway project received approval from the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization at the end of April. Following the Positive Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) report, the project passed the Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Assembly last month.

According to the project, 64 kilometers of the planned 1.7 kilometer highway will pass through Ballıkayalar Natural Park. Thus, the time taken for the distance between Istanbul-Kocaeli 30 minutes will be shortened.

Environmental Engineers Chamber of Istanbul and Kocaeli branch on behalf of the prepared joint statement read by Selim Akyol, the natural life in Turkey that be still protected by the Constitution, in the Constitution of the glitch in the implementation of existing environmental regulations, each citizen "the right to a healthy environment" was stressed that violated.

Aktal, which recalls that 17 thousand trees will be cut for the highway, which will pass through Ballıkayalar Nature Park, said that this situation would cause irreversible damages to the park, which is a natural site area of ​​1.

Stating that the whole ecosystem will be affected by the felling of trees, Akyol said, “The ecosystem describes a holistic network. When you remove any part in this whole, the other parts will also be affected by this chain and the ecosystem will collapse. ”

Akyol, the project will not only be limited to the road, the region will also open a quarry, he said.

For this, Akyol stated that the trees will be cut down and that the amount of emissions in the region will increase with the use of the road during the project and at the end of the project, natural life and agricultural lands and water assets will be threatened.

Akyol stated that the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization has approved the project and acted away from the benefit of science and society. Yol We once again warn the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization to return from this mistake. The path to a half-hour gain would disrupt the balance of millions of years. Ballıkayalar Nature Park 30 is worth more than minutes. ”

Mısra Gedikde, speaking on behalf of the Northern Forests Defense, said, çekin Take your hand off the world's common heritage, Ballıkayalar. 200 cannot pass a highway through Ballıkayalar, a million-year-old wonder of nature. ”

Park pointed out that a thousand kinds of trees in the lungs and Gedik, Turkey stressed that similar practices at many points.

Edik The unique forest ecosystem in the north of Istanbul, Kocaeli, Düzce, Kırklareli, Tekirdağ, Yalova and Sakarya is being tried to be occupied and plundered G, says Gedik, Article 6891 of the Northern Forests Law No. 23 and “Separation and Administration of Conservation Forests G. Yönetmelik on the basis of the provisions of the Regulation on Conservation Forest.

Kocaeli Ecological Living Association Board Member DrMustafa Zenginise said that it is planned to pass Adapazarı-İstanbul YHT as well as Kocaeli-İstanbul highway from the park. Rich also noted that the EIA report was approved for the railway.

Zengin stated that the Kocaeli-Istanbul motorway will affect not only the Ballıkayalar but also the 84 hectare forest area on the Kocaeli peninsula., We are in favor of raising the standard of the old Istanbul road and improving its quality. Then this will not be pillaged. ”

After the explanations, environmental and geological engineers, together with nature defenders, made a technical trip in the region.

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