Denial of 478 Million Euro Wastes Claims in Marmaray from the Ministry

marmaray description from the ministry of transport and infrastructure
marmaray description from the ministry of transport and infrastructure

Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, some of the media in the press "to be used in Marmaray train sets, not used, abandoned to the fate of the allegations," said the claims do not reflect the truth.

In this statement, Marmaray was provided with a total of 400 train sets for 54 vehicles by the General Directorate of Infrastructure Investments (AYGM), considering future target passenger numbers and spare vehicle requirement calculations for operation.

20 5 wagons and 13,6 XUMUM 29 2013 333 train and 24 XUMUM 10 19 5 train and 12 2019 XNUMX train XNUMX , Gebze-Halkalı 77 kilometers between the opening of the entire line with the opening of the daily 286 daily carrying an average of 350-400 thousand passengers were reported.

Accordingly, 54 of the total 43 set provided for Marmaray serves every day underlined in the statement, a portion of the remaining total 9 set is used as a spare, while a portion of the increase in the number of passengers expected to be commissioned.

The statement of the 2 set, which has not yet been downloaded to the rails, is in progress and will be commissioned upon completion of the tests, the following was recorded:

“Therefore, as stated in the news, there is no case that the train sets purchased for Marmaray are not put into service or used because they are not suitable for rail truss system. The claims that 478 has been wasted million euros are unfounded. The aforementioned sets are Gebze-Halkalı between the average daily 350 thousand serves Istanbul. Even though the question was answered in this way with the signature of the Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Mehmet Cahit Turhan, it was wanted to create a perception as if these sets were left to rot in the warehouses. ”

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