İETT Bus Cayır Cayır Burned

iett bus burned cayir cayir
iett bus burned cayir cayir

3, where he will depart from the bus station in the morning in Istanbul, Ayazağa. Airport bus in the direction of Arnavutköy Habipler moving empty as the city suddenly caught fire. In a short time, no one on the bus returned to the flame ball prevented a possible disaster.

SözcüAccording to Özlem GÜVEMLİ's report; “The 34 TP 5873 plate-operated IETT bus operated by the subcontractor in the Ayazağa garage suddenly caught fire from the engine compartment of the Arnavutköy Habipler Road around the clock to make the 3 flight between 06.00 Airport and Atatürk Airport. Lack of passengers on the bus returned to the ball at a time prevented the disaster.


İBB CHP Group SözcüSu Tariq Balyali, Ay Ayazaga Garage for a long time within the framework of the service contract to the subcontractor firm to the operation of the daily maintenance repairs and routine maintenance of the buses were made. It was feared that it would cause an accident. It was feared and the bus burned out in the morning when there were no passengers. If there were passengers in the vehicle, there would be a great disaster. ”

Balyalı also said that the reason why the bus departs from the Ayazağa Garage instead of the garages that are closer to the airport is to fill the kilometer according to the contractor's agreement.

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