Municipality Buses Free During Feast in Karaman

municipal bus during the holiday
municipal bus during the holiday

Karaman Municipality took all necessary measures to ensure that our citizens have a peaceful holiday in Ramadan. Municipal teams will be at the beginning of the 24 hours mission.

Karaman Municipality, who completed their preparations due to the Ramadan Feast, will provide services during the festival in order to prevent disruption of their services, such as Police, Fire Brigade, Park-Garden, Cleaning Works, Cemetery and Transportation Services Directorates.

Mayor Savaş Kalaycı said that all necessary measures were taken in order to live in peace and he said: ı During the feast, teams from Zabıta, Fire Brigade, Park-Garden and Cleaning Works will be waiting for 24 hours to prevent any problems. Our municipal buses will carry free passengers for three days. In the morning for the visits to the cemetery, our vehicles will serve our elderly and elderly patients. Our citizens can contact Alo 153 Officers and Call Center 444 25 70 for all kinds of problems. I would like to congratulate all of our fellow citizens for their Ramadan holidays and wish the feast will be conducive to charity. Imiz

Municipality Buses Along the Feast Free

During the festival, the city buses, which provide transportation services in the city, will carry free passengers. 4 7 1 08.00 22.00 2 08.00 21.00 3 08.00 23.00 4 08.00 21.00 5 08.00 14.00 6 08.00 21.00 8 08.00 21.00 9 between line 08.00 and 21.30 between 10 and 08.00 between 22.00 hours XNUMX between XNUMX and XNUMX between XNUMX hours, XNUMX between XNUMX and XNUMX hours, XNUMX between lines XNUMX and XNUMX hours between the hours will do every hour between .

Preparations in Cemeteries Completed

Directorate of Cemeteries, Cleaning Works and Park-Garden Directorate teams, the city cemetery and Kazalpa cemetery by completing the necessary maintenance and repair work was removed from the graves between the weeds. In the cemetery, the Holy Quran will be taught through the Arife Day speaker system. In addition, the elderly, sick and non-walking citizens who come to visit the city cemetery Arife day officials will be transported by car in the cemetery.

Call Center and Call Center 24 Will Serve Hours

Karaman Municipality Municipal Police teams will serve 24 hours during holidays and will continue their inspections throughout the festival. Citizens will be able to call 153 Alo Zabta and 444 25 70 Call Center for any problems and needs of our municipality.

In a statement from the Directorate of Municipal Police: Feast of the 1. Day; Trabzon Bread, Tekin Bread, Oman Bread and Emircan Bread, 2. Day; Stone Mill, Tekin Bread, Oman Bread, Emircan Bread, Unity Bread, Aknil Bread, Özen Bread and People's Bread, 3. Day; Bayramoglu Bread, Aknil Bread, Stone Mill, Oman Bread, Emircan Bread, Unity Bread, Has Bread, Özen Bread, Enthusiast Bread, My People Bread, Somuncu Baba, Akdaş Bakery Products and Bakioğulları Bakery Products will be open on duty as sentry ovens.

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