GEFCO from Turkey, Morocco and Tunisia New Line Length and Cost Effective

GEFCO turkiyede from Morocco and Tunisia to the time and cost advantages of the new line
GEFCO turkiyede from Morocco and Tunisia to the time and cost advantages of the new line

A global provider of supply chain services and the European leader in automotive logistics GEFCO Turkey is launching regular flights to Morocco & Tunisia in North Africa. GEFCO has strong expertise and 70 years of experience in complex logistics coordination Turkey, land in North Africa, will offer the optimum time and cost-effective logistics solutions for sea and air transport services.

Powerful integrated network and over the years 20 team of qualified professionals operating in North Africa GEFCO strengthens logistics solutions in the region with the new line opened from Turkey to Morocco and Tunisia. GEFCO, in North Africa, currently offers comprehensive solutions for shipping, air and road transport, as well as Ro-Ro, warehousing and customs.

that they GEFCO's business volume in the region with new flights launched from Turkey, Morocco and Tunisia further aims to increase Turkey Sales and Marketing Director Serkan Celik his words continued as follows: "in the industrial and automotive logistics, one of Europe's leading companies GEFCO Group, Last year, it bought the Spanish GLT company, which had a leading role in Euro-Moroccan transport. Now, Turkey, Morocco and Tunisia We introduce a new line circuit will provide an important contribution to transportation. This is in line with the trade, especially in the textile and fashion industry began to rapid growth in Turkey-Morocco-Tunisia line GEFCO's presence and strategic value even stronger. "

Turkey, regional logistics base for access to North Africa

The new line of service with all kinds of logistics needs, including customs clearance of goods going to North Africa to Turkey will be met faster. Turkey-Morocco-Tunisia in line with the transport operations between these countries, all kinds aimed at meeting the optimum time and cost of shipping needs. Significant potential with the logistics market in Turkey's Serkan stressed that a base function seen in the area Steel, the words continued as follows: "taking power from the expertise based on GEFCO many years offering value-added services to our customers. GEFCO them special anticipating the needs of our customers as Turkey, and we strive to provide innovative digital solutions. In most of our finished vehicle stock areas, we use the ultra innovative tablet application. As a company that always cares to be a good corporate citizen, we also undertake an important mission in the management of industrial packaging shipments. In this context, we offer environmentally friendly solutions that will optimize our customers' procurement strategies and implement sustainability practices such as reusable packaging in North Africa. ”

GEFCO, which has the capacity to provide integrated services to its customers through its international network, contributes significantly to the growth of trade between countries. GEFCO, not only in automotive logistics but also in sectors such as textiles, pharmaceuticals, rapid consumption and construction, uses its expertise not only for its local logistics needs but also for its international growth.

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