Kanuni Bulvarı Stage Phase Begins

the stage of legal boulevard stepping started
the stage of legal boulevard stepping started

Transport and Infrastructure Minister Mehmet Cahit Turhan said, “Kanuni Boulevard, which will ease the burden of Trabzon's coastal road that serves intercity, intercity and international traffic, has been put into service.” said.

Minister Turhan made examinations on the route in which Kanuni Boulevard was carried out in Trabzon and received information from the authorities.

Minister Turhan, who also examined the works in the Erdoğdu District of Ortahisar district, said in his speech that they had a meeting at the 10th Regional Directorate of Highways to get information about the construction works of this project, which is one of the important projects of Trabzon today.

Turhan said, “The project starts at the Akyazı junction of the Trabzon coast road and ends at the Çağlayan junction of the Erzurum road. To the west, about 4,5 kilometers between the Akyazı junction and the Yıldız junction, involves the merging of both a new variant and the existing coastal road. In addition, the entire project consists of 28 kilometers. ” used the expression.

Stating that there are 22 bridges and 7 tunnels within the scope of the project, Turhan continued: “An important transportation infrastructure for Trabzon is for the region. Naturally, the Kanuni Boulevard, which will ease the burden of the coastal road serving the intercity, intercity and international traffic of Trabzon, which is the largest city on the Black Sea coastal road opening to the Caucasus and Central Asia, has begun to be put into service. A total of 28 kilometers of road has been completed and opened to traffic. 10,5 kilometers of construction work continues Karşıyaka Hopefully, we will open the traffic between the junction and the Erdoğdu junction, where we are now, until 29 October. With the opening of this section to traffic, the integration of the traffic originating from the city will be completed with both urban transportation and the Black Sea coast, which is the intercity main artery, together with the urban reconstruction roads, and the main purpose of the project is 50 percent of its purpose, although maybe 70 percent is completed in kilometers. i have been coming, reaching its purpose. Therefore, our work is especially in this region, in the city. Karşıyaka It is primarily concentrated between the junction and the Erdoğdu junction. "

“Expropriation studies continue”

Minister Turhan stated that work is continuing in other parts of the project and said, “In other parts, expropriation and zoning implementation studies related to the project are continuing. Especially for the section between Erdoğdu intersection and Yenicuma intersection or Boztepe intersection, our aim is to take Taksim Square, which is an important center of Trabzon, to Atatürk Area, again, if there is no legal, administrative and judicial delay in expropriation procedures until the end of the year. we will connect and relate. ” he spoke.

Turhan also commented about the continuation of the project, “In the continuation of the project, we have 4 tunnels in Boztepe Tunnel and Çukurçayır Region. In these, the works will be started in the coming days and if our goal is not to prevent any obstacle, we will complete the project and offer it to the transportation service of the region by the end of 2020. ” said.

Referring to the works in the Zigana Tunnel, Turhan said: “Works on the Zigana Tunnel, which is one of the biggest projects in the region, continue at a rapid pace. We have reached the level of 70 percent in the excavation works. Our goal is to complete the construction of the Zigana Tunnel by the end of 2020, which is very important to the transportation infrastructure of the region. kazanBy providing transportation services, we will provide a safer, more economical and more comfortable transportation service to those who use these roads.”

Minister Turhan was accompanied by General Manager of Highways Abdulkadir Uraloğlu, Trabzon Governor İsmail Ustaoğlu and other interested parties.

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