Good News from Mayor Büyükakın to Transportation Park Employees

President of the United States of America
President of the United States of America

Transportation Park Inc. 785 which also works with 1. Collective Labor Agreement signed. Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality President Assoc. Dr. Tahir Buyukakin and the Turkish-business President Ergun Atalay signed a collective bargaining agreement signed in the Beach Road GaragePark Inc. ' employees and their families participated in the event. At the signing ceremony, Büyükakın gave the good news that the differences arising from the contract will be paid, the salaries will be raised and the holiday bonus before the festival. On the other hand, Chairman of the Turkish-business Ergun Atalay said that the employee's 5 monthly union fee will not be received.

A meeting between the Turkish Railways and Trade Confederation and the Local Employers' Association of Public Employers, 14 January 2019. The collective bargaining negotiations for the workers' staff resulted in an agreement. 1 The 2019 yearbook was agreed to be effective as of January 2. Collective labor agreement TransportationPark Inc. ' 785 also includes the worker.

The signing ceremony was attended by the Mayor of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Assoc. Dr. Tahir Büyükakın, Türk-İş President Ergün Atalay, President of the Association of Railway-Work Union Cemal Yaman, President of Kocaeli City Council and Turkish Business Istanbul 1. Regional representative Adnan Uyar, Deputy Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality Gökmen Mengüç, Deputy Director General of TransportationPark. Zafer Aydın, province and district protocol and TransportationPark employees and their families attended.

Speaking as the province of the signing ceremony Deputy Director General of TransportationPark. Zafer Aydin wished the contract to be beneficial to its employees. . 2018 7 this process has begun since XNUMX. We had a promise. We kept our promise. We have considered the conditions in our country. I would like to express my gratitude to Tahir Büyükakın, Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality ş.

Türk-İş Chairman Ergün Atalay made a statement afterwards; “We are a big family with 1 million members. We were here on May 1st. We were with our workers in Ramadan. Today, we are with our members. It was also gratifying that the contract was signed before the holiday. At this point, I would like to express that as a union, we will not receive the 5-month union dues of our fellow workers. " He spoke in the form.

The President of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, who always stated that they were with the worker, Assoc. Dr. Tahir Büyükakın; . We tried to give the best in every contract we made in accordance with the possibilities we have. It's our neck to give us the right. At this point, we are happy to sign a contract where our employees will be happy. I want to give another good news as Metropolitan. Differences due to the contract and the holiday bonus will be paid to the accounts before the holiday. You will also receive your salary in advance. Let our agreement be beneficial to all of us ”he said. Behind the speeches, the signing ceremony was held. After the signing ceremony, a souvenir photo was taken together.

One of the affiliates of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality TransportationPark A.Ş. 45, 2 in the first year to workers working in Turkey. 12 was the year. In addition, Ulasimpark A.Ş. employees were given a salary bonus each month, child allowance for each month, child allowance up to 3 each month, educational aid for primary school, high school and university children in September each year, and labor hike for each year.

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