the most beautiful conversations are made on the train
06 Ankara

The most beautiful conversations are made on the train

Touristic East Express was sent off on its first voyage with the ceremony held at the historical Ankara Station on Wednesday, 29 May 2019 at 19.00, with the honor of Mehmet Nuri Ersoy, Minister of Culture and Tourism. To the ceremony; Deputy Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Selim Dursun, Culture [more…]

tcdd iftari in tower restaurant
06 Ankara

TCDD Iftar at Kule Restaurant

TCDD General Manager Ali İhsan Uygun, Tourist Tour of the first statement of the Eastern Express following the ceremony of the historic Ankara Station Tower Restaurant gave an iftar. Iftar program performed in the Tower Restaurant garden; Deputy Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Selim Dursun, Culture [more…]

old military pilot from istanbul airport warning
34 Istanbul

Istanbul Military Airport Warning

Captain Pilot Bahadır Altan talked about the problems of Istanbul Airport that arise every day and how they can be solved. Ataturk Altan error indicating that the closure of the airport, said the new airport will stop the event of unavailability of life in Turkey for two days. [more…]

Forgotten items on iett buses are increased
34 Istanbul

Forgotten Items on IETT Buses

The forgotten items on the IETT buses by passengers 2 July 2019 will be launched on Tuesday by auction method. Goods on IETT buses 2 July 2019 On Tuesday at 09.00-12.00 with auction at Karaköy Station Building [more…]

hot touch to the major arteries of the army
52 Army

Hot Touch Of The Army's Important Arteries

Ordu Metropolitan Municipality, which brings the important arteries of the city to the comfort of asphalt with a warm touch, has completed its works in the Kaçalı neighborhood of Perşembe district. Stating that all districts of Ordu will be the touch of the Metropolitan, Mayor Dr. Mehmet Hilmi Güler said, “My fellow citizens from Ordu [more…]

the safe surc
54 Sakarya

Safe Driving in Sunflower Bike Valley

Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality continues to host its visitors to Sunflower Bicycle Valley. Within the scope, Karaman Primary School third grade students received information on "Safe Bicycle Use in Traffic" from Sunflower Bicycle Valley instructors and Sakarya Police Department Traffic Branch officials. Big city [more…]

tender bult

RayHaber 30.05.2019 Tender Bulletin

Ankara Malıköy Başkent Organized Industrial Zone Connection Line Construction Work (Postponed to 13-06-2019) Traction Hook and Lower Hub will be purchased (TÜDEMSAŞ) Overpass, Underpass and Culvert Maintenance in the Zone of YHT 83DBM Ankara Metro Lines Ventilation Systems [more…]

Istanbul airport advice from British to citizens
34 Istanbul

Istanbul Airport Advice From British to Citizens

The UK Ministry of Foreign Affairs, will visit Turkey in the area because of possible delays in transport Istanbul Airport to British citizens warned to arrive early. ERKENDEN AIRPORT WARNING SözcüAccording to the British Express Newspaper; that the airport is new [more…]

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