Turkey's Kardemir 23. Industry Organization

The big industrial establishment kardemir turkiyenin
The big industrial establishment kardemir turkiyenin

iso ISO 500 list prepared by Turkey's Kardemir took place during 24th. It ranked 2018rd in the ranking based on 23 financials. Kardemir General Manager Hüseyin Soykan made statements about the results.

Prepared by the Istanbul Chamber of Industry "Turkey's Top 500 Industrial Enterprises 2018 Survey" according to the KARDEMİR in sales from production registered a step increase over the previous year in Turkey with 5.545.602.546 TL 23 was the largest industrial enterprise. Our company, which ranks 2017th with 3 Billion 942 Million TL production sales in the ISO 24 survey, according to the results of the research based on the financials of 2018, increased one step with its sales revenue of 5.545.602.546-TL and ranked 23rd in the list. took.

The General Manager of our company evaluating the results. Hüseyin Soykan said;

Üst The increase in production, high value added product potential, dynamic sales marketing and purchasing policies, process improvement activities in all processes carried our company to the top of ISO rankings compared to the previous year. Our goal is to carry Kardemir to the top level as the first integrated iron and steel factory in our country. To this end, we have to accelerate our innovative processes, make all our production lines more flexible, produce products to meet all expectations, produce the most efficient and healthy way while producing, develop our engineering and programming capabilities. For this purpose, our Republic 100. We have initiated a new transformation project called bir Kardemir 2023 ”in accordance with the establishment anniversary and the strategies of our country. We are also striving to increase our product range for the machinery manufacturing industry, especially for the automotive and defense industry sectors. With our R & D activities, we want to increase our high value-added high technology product range further, thus contributing more to the national product variety in our country and to see the results of this in our financial statements. What is important is to make these achievements sustainable. We will be pursuing sustainable achievements with our competent human resources. I congratulate all my colleagues who have contributed to these results. Bu

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