Disrespectful to the driver who cut the Kocaeli Metropolitan

Private public bus driver to the passengers of the notice of bad behavior in the Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, 30 day and 3 day traffic to the vehicle decided to be banned. Witnesses' statements and camera images were taken into consideration in the decision, according to the Metropolitan Municipality regulation and the decision of the Assembly.


Metropolitan Municipality, Kocaeli, both municipal and private public buses continues to control activities for uninterrupted. Providing all kinds of trainings for the drivers as well as the inspections, the Metropolitan Municipality ensures the quality and comfortable journey of the citizens. Immediately by recording the negativities that may occur through the cameras in the vehicle making the necessary applications Metropolitan teams, reflected in the national and local media the previous day, the private public bus driver immediately intervened in the negative behavior of his passengers.


41 J 0292 license plate car driver in the evening after the mistreatment of passengers 23.20 queues of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality 13-A article was held in the police. Accordingly, in accordance with the 2008 / 74 parliamentary decision, 3 was banned from traffic by withdrawing to the Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality bus garage for a period of days. The car driver was also sentenced to work for 30 days.

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