The tcddde trains were fast and the wagons were in class
06 Ankara

Trains at TCDD Fast Food Wagons Left in Class

State Railways of the Republic of Turkey, Ankara-Eskisehir between high-speed train (YHT) campaigns on the 2009, and the time between Eskisehir-Istanbul began xnumx't. Occasional accidents on the line from time to time, from time to time for men and women passengers [more…]

Significant activity in Aycicegi bicycle valley
41 Kocaeli

Meaningful Activity in Sunflower Bike Valley

Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality continues to host visitors to the Sunflower Bicycle Valley. Within the scope of Occupational Health and Safety Week, Sakarya Provincial Directorate of National Education celebrates and events in the Bicycle Valley in Camili Neighborhood [more…]

tde saat waterless kalinca otobuse
34 Istanbul

500T Made 3 Watch Waterless

Cengiz, the inventor of the idea of ​​putting a water vending machine in public transport after three hours of deprivation during his journey on the private public bus number 76T line with 500 stops working between Tuzla and Topkapı in Istanbul [more…]