Description of the Train Exited by TCDD

tcddden on the train rails
tcddden on the train rails

TCDD General Directorate, Sincan district of Ankara, the technical studies on the derailment of the fuel-loaded train continued and an administrative investigation began.

In the statement made by the General Directorate of Turkish State Railways, “Today (14.03.2019), the train locomotive and the 13112 railcar derailed during the passage of 00.53 on the conventional railway line between Izmit and Ankara at the time of the 5 exit at the time of the Xinjiang east exit.

1-Technical examinations related to the incident are ongoing and an administrative investigation has been initiated.

Works are underway to open the 2-Conventional Rail Line to re-train operations.

3-Event due to Izmir-Ankara to operate between the time the passengers of Izmir Blue Train 32005 Eskişehir-Ankara between the trips were provided by YHT. The flights of Ankara-Polatlı-Ankara trains were canceled.

Our 4-High speed trains and Başkentray trains continue their normal voyages. X

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