tcddden on the train rails
06 Ankara

Statement by TCDD about the Train Derailed

TCDD General Directorate reported that technical investigations regarding the derailment of the fuel-laden train in Ankara's Sincan district continue and an administrative investigation has been initiated. In the statement made by the General Directorate of TCDD, “Today (14.03.2019) between Izmit and Ankara [more…]

ibb by the name of the button was launched
34 Istanbul

Silahtaraga Tunnel Made by IMM Opened to Service

The çalış Silahtarağa Tunnel “, which started its activities last year by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, was opened to service. Thanks to the tunnel, 2 kilometers between Gaziosmanpaşa and Eyüp were shortened to 75 meters and fuel and time were saved. [more…]

The railroad cars carrying the fuel in Ankara were derailed
06 Ankara

Freight Train Derailing in Ankara

The train carrying fuel in the Sincan district of Ankara derailed. While no one was killed or injured in the incident, train services could not be carried out for about 2 hours. According to the information received, Ankara Train Station at 01.30 hours. [more…]

stairway in the capital
06 Ankara

Escalators are Overhauled in the Capital

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality is renewing the escalators in pedestrian underpasses and overpasses, which serve at the points where the pedestrian traffic is intense but have completed their useful life. Department of Urban Aesthetics [more…]