06 Ankara

Best Smart Charging System Award to EGO

Turkey Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure and Intelligent Transportation Systems Society (Ausdem is) by the xnumx.uluslarara held between March 6 7 -2019 date Intelligent Transportation Systems found the owner of the Road Transportation Awards at the summit in mind. [more…]

45 Manisa

Death Road In Salihli

Cengiz Ergün, the Mayor of Manisa Metropolitan Municipality, visited Salihli within the scope of district programs and Bülent Ecevit Köprülü made in the region where the road called ölüm death road ılan was given to Salihli by Manisa Metropolitan Municipality. [more…]

54 Sakarya

TOPÇA Multi-storey Junction

Fatih Pistil shared information about the ongoing works at TOPÇA Multi-Storey Junction and said: “Our works are completed rapidly at Multi-Storey Junction. The foot and deck of the bridge were reached. Hopefully 20 will bridge the vehicle during the day [more…]

There is also a free parking on scholarship
16 Bursa

Free Parking in Bursa

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, Yildirim district in the area opposite the High Specialized Hospitals 250 parking lot for cars. The parking lot, which is operated by Burbak and free of charge, eliminates the most important problem especially of the patients' relatives coming to hospitals. [more…]

1881 Atatürk Ship The Single Female Captain of İZDENİZ
35 Izmir

1881 Atatürk Ship Woman Captain

Kamile Koç, the captain of the popular ship of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality's N 1881 Atatürk,, put aside the difficulties of his profession known as “men's work oldu and became a good role model for his fellow citizens. Izmir Greater City [more…]