Mini Terminals Introduced

mini terminals introduced
mini terminals introduced

One of the projects to be modeled for Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality, Mini Terminals Project was introduced with the participation of Mayor Mustafa Çelik and representatives of the sector. Speaking at the meeting President Mustafa Celik, she said that Turkey and the mini terminal project is a world first.

The Mini Terminals in the 6 region of the city were introduced in the program in front of the Mini Terminal on Fuzuli Street. In addition to the Mayor Mustafa Çelik, the Mayor of the AK Party, Şaban Çopuroğlu, the President of the Chamber of Commerce, Ömer Gülsoy, the President of the All Bus Federation and TOBB Road Passenger Transportation Sector Assembly President Mustafa Yıldırım, sector representatives and citizens attended the program.

Speaking at the introductory program, Chairman of the All-Federation Federation and TOBB Highway Passenger Transportation Sector President Mustafa Yildirim, Kayseri, 117 agencies and the service provided by the 53 service tool to take the Mini Terminals is a very important project, he said. Emphasizing the fact that bus management has become unsustainable by the cost of rents and service vehicles and they have to lower the costs to attract passengers to the airline, Yıldırım said, yol In a civilized way, the 6 terminal, which has provided the transportation identity to the city, now meets the needs of the sector. Efficiency in transportation has increased with this project. Kayseri made a first in this sense. I would like to thank our Chairman for taking the first step that will make a great contribution to our sector. Sektör

In his speech, President of the Chamber of Commerce Ömer Gülsoy stated that municipalities exist to facilitate the lives of the people. Gülsoy, the project with the public, the interests of the operators are protected.

Mayor Mustafa Celik said that they will continue to work at the same speed until the end of their term. Stating that they are aware of the responsibility given to them, Mayor Çelik said, olan On the previous day, we signed the protocol of the first tube passage of Kayseri on Hulusi Akar Boulevard which is one of our most important transportation investments. Yesterday, we laid the foundation of the second of the project for Children without Handicap which is an important part of the municipality and which does not have an example in our country. Today again we will introduce the services we provide through our first Mini-terminals and terminals in Turkey. We laid the foundation of Turkey's most comprehensive abled Life Center next week. As you can see, we're not looking at the clock and filling in overtime. We will continue to work for our city until the last day and last hour. Son

Voicing their investment in the transport field over the years 4 and Mini terminals also stated that these investments between President Mustafa Celik, said that the first models of the Mini Terminal in Turkey. President of the All Federation of Buses Mustafa Yildirim said the project was the first in the world and said that the project. President Mustafa Celik, said they do a project to be modeled, this project, both public and bus operators and citizens said that benefits. Fuzuli Street, as well as the intensive terminals in the village, Talas, Green Neighborhood, Beyazşehir and Belsin'da expressing President Steel, terminal companies in the terminal bus companies, Kent Bakery kiosks and payment points, he said.

After the speeches, Mini Terminal located on Fuzuli Street was visited by the participants.



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