antalya smart city mobile application
07 Antalya

Antalya Smart City Mobile Application

. Smart City Mobile Application g, the corporate mobile application of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, started to be used with great interest. The mobile application, which will provide great convenience to daily life, was put into use by Apple Store and Google Play Store. The Metropolitan Municipality [more…]

Cark Creek meets by bike and dormitory
54 Sakarya

Çark Creek Edge Bike and Walk

The first stage of the bicycle path project, which was implemented by the Metropolitan Municipality and covering the Sunflower Bike Valley and Mithatpaşa Vagon Park, continues. Karamehmetoğlu said, zengin With this project, enriching the edge of Çark Creek, a new living space [more…]

kandirada bay roads renewed
41 Kocaeli

Village Roads Renewed in Kandira

The Metropolitan Municipality continues its road construction works in villages as it is in many parts of Kocaeli. In this context, road maintenance, repair and construction works were completed on some roads in Duraklı, Pınardüzü, Hüdaverdiler and Duraçalı villages of Kandıra district. Asphalting [more…]