Capital Traffic is Safer with Measures Taken

Baskent Traffic Makes You Safer with Measures Taken
Baskent Traffic Makes You Safer with Measures Taken

In order to make the traffic of the capital safer and more comfortable, Ankara Metropolitan Municipality continues to work on the road sign, asphalt, median, intersection and pavement works with the installation of traffic signs, especially camera and signaling system.

In order to ensure the safety of life and property of drivers and pedestrians at all four corners of the capital, new roads have been added to traffic sign boards in district neighborhood connection roads where asphalt has been discarded or expanded.


Access to sufficient safety standards of all roads providing connection of the central districts and other districts of the Capital with traffic signs, equipping the pedestrian crossings with warning signs, making the curved roads safer, specifying the entrance and exit points of the residential areas, making the main road-subways. all kinds of traffic warnings such as speed limit warnings are intended to take place.

To this end, the Metropolitan Municipality has started to assemble 25 thousand new traffic signs to many points of the capital.


Metropolitan Municipality, which takes care to make the traffic of the capital compatible with the standards, uses special boards to facilitate the night vision of the drivers and pedestrians on the traffic signs.

Both night and day can be seen easily and have high-level features, as well as the technical specifications of the General Directorate of Highways in accordance with the standards set of reflective materials are used.

These materials, which allow the light to be reflected correctly, warn the driver especially in areas with low night vision, thus reducing the accident rates to minimum levels.


For the visually impaired citizens to use their signaling systems safely, the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, 241 is assembling a system that facilitates the transportation of visually impaired individuals to the c disabled pedestrian buttons UM at different intersections and crosswalk.

In order to enable the visually impaired citizens to find the location of the disabled pedestrian button, the Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department has started to work on the Bel Accessible and variable message pedestrian signaling button y at the 800 point, which has been activated to make the devices emitting the sound signals produced at the fixed frequency to become widespread at the signalized intersections.

Accessible and variable-message pedestrian signaling buttons are installed in intersections where existing signaling systems are in place and devices that do not have an audible warning device are in use.


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