Minister Turan: “55 of Railway Network doesn't have Signalization Bakan

There is no signaling on the face of the Turan Rail
There is no signaling on the face of the Turan Rail

Minister of Transportation Cahit Turan, who answered the question of CHP Deputy Ömer Fethi Gürer, stated that there is no camera requirement in the traditional lines and that there is no signaling system in the 55 of the railway network in the country.

Birgün'in according to the news; 13 Answering questions about the collision of the High Speed ​​Train (YHT), where 9 injured in 84 in December, and 12.740 people were injured in December, Turhan answered the following questions: (percent 5.746) signaling system.

The routes of the trains are carried out with the TMI (Centralized Telephone Administration of Train Traffic) on the lines where there is no signaling system. Since the date of 15.03.2018, under the Başkentray project, the use of TMİ (Center of Telephony Administration of Trains Traffic) system has been started to be used by Kayaş-Ankara-Sincan and signalization works are ongoing.

On the other hand, an investigation has been started on the train wreck in Yenimahalle Marşandiz station and it is still continuing Yen Diğer

Gürer from CHP 2003 to 2017 4 thousand 141 train crash between the year of the death of a total of one thousand 418 people, 2 thousand 627 people were injured and reminded. Gürer, "liberalization, separation from the merit, subcontracting exhausted the spirit of the enterprise," he said.

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