In India train crash 11 dead injured 42

Train accident in India 11 dead 42 injured: 11 people were reportedly killed as a result of the train derailed by a train that crashed into a railroad in Karnataka, south of India.

Railroad Minister Surebia Prabu, the state capital near the Bangolore accident in the train's 9 passenger wagon derailed by derailing the wagons announced.

Prabu stated that 11 people were injured in the accident where 42 people lost their lives. It was determined that 17 of the injured were in severe condition.

Eyewitnesses said the search and rescue teams had pulled out of the trapped wagons as a result of long-lasting efforts.

In India, where the state-owned rail network carries 11 million passengers by 23 thousand trains per day, approximately 5 people have lost their lives in the last 500 years. A large part of the accidents occur at level crossings, where there are no officials, especially in rural areas.

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