Invitation to Disaster in Marmaray! ”The Train Disappears from the Screen“

invitation to the disaster in marmara
invitation to the disaster in marmara

United Transport Workers Union (BTS) Gebze Halkalı He made warnings for the Marmaray line. According to the union's claim, there are very important deficiencies that prevent the line from being opened and it may cause major accidents if it is put into service before it is eliminated. BTS 1 Branch Secretary Veysel Akbayer said, “For example, train number 10002 disappears from the screen and the control center cannot see it. This means that the train is lost, causing an accident. ”

BTS 1 Branch Secretary Veysel Akbayer told VOA Turkish that the line was first started test drive at 1 March 2019 and the authorities said they planned to open this line in a short time such as 10 March 2019. Akbayer, as a result of their warnings, a postponement was going to be postponed, but because the problems continue to be the same as the risks, he said.

”The machinists experience is insufficient“

Gebze-Halkalı Veysel Akbayer stated that some problems will occur due to the opening of the line between them and they feel that accidents can occur, and that they need to explain to prevent bad things.

Akbayer said, Halkalı-Gebze line was opened to service as separatism and Kazlıçeşme tube tunnel before and still continues to work without any problems. The other side of the line is to be opened after the improvement. Driving tests were started on 1 March and explanations were made that this line would be opened in 10 of the month. However, we insisted that this line was opened early because everything was insufficient. The reason we are opposed is the lack of safety here. The first reason is the inexperience of the mechanic. I'm an 35 yearly machinist and I'm even working on it. But since the signals and scissors on the road route between Halkalı and Gebze have changed completely, we do not know their exact location. Although the train goes automatically, we will need to use it manually in an emergency and intervene in the situation, and unfortunately, we will not be able to intervene and this will cause an accident.

Akbayer said that with the newly recruited mechanics, all mechanics should gain experience on the route, and that the mechanics who were trained by İŞKUR immediately started their work. Akbayer, "35 yearly even though I'm even in my experience even in this new experience," he said.

Akbayer stated that they shared the problems they identified with the authorities as follows:

Operasyon One of the most important problems here is the Operation Control Center (OCC). There are train losses on the control center screens. Each train has a number. For example, the train 10002 disappears and the control center cannot see it. The loss of this train means an accident. In order to prevent this, trains need to be identified and corrected when testing on the new route. Bun

Stating that there are scissors engines on the line Akbayer, said that the scissor engines are not connected yet. Pointing out that the signals are not fully working Akbayer, in order to prevent any accidents, scissors and signals to be fully operational and demanded to be made, he said.

UM 3 is needed for the line to be ready “

Halkalı-Gebze Marmaray line now emphasizes the need for a monthly time 3 Akbayer, said:

Di In the last 15 years there have been massive fatal accidents on railways. We warn the authorities not to experience these sad events again. We want the work to be started once everything has been identified and the deficiencies are completed and delivered to the railways. Tam

The union claims that 7 is missing on the line:

1-76 km (except for Excavation Kazlıçeşme) Marmaray project for the purpose of obtaining a certification test on the journey 1 March 2019 date has been started, and even more clearly without the certification date of the opening date of the line was announced as 10 March 2019.

2-2013 in the 13,6 line of service when working with the machinists have enough knowledge and experience, but the new 63 km line slope, platform, signal, scissor places do not have enough information about the way they need to be subject to experience. In order to work on the total 76 km of the Marmaray project, the 90 units received from İş-Kur are assigned to the accidents by their assignments before the training and road experience is fulfilled. Considering that the profession of the mechanic is a profession which must be done together with the professional technical knowledge and experience, it is foreseen that there will be serious problems.

In the 3-OCC control center, the 6 train traffic controller must serve in each of the 7 tables, which are required by the project. While 42 train traffic controller should be employed in total, this number has not been completed yet and the personnel named as Train Traffic Controller have been assigned to other units.

4 - Since it is foreseen to operate both Marmaray trains and trunk trains on the same line, the signal sight distance is too short for trains to be operated with ERTMS (European Rail Traffic Management System) system and is insufficient for the braking distance specified by regulations.

The communication based train control system of the CBTC (Communications Based Train Control), which is the operating system of the 5-Marmaray trains, is not yet fully operational.

6-OCC Command center display frequent and frequent train losses. So trains running on the line do not appear from time to time on the traffic controller screen.

7-Halkalı, There are no scissor motors in Gebze and some stations with automatic motor scissors.

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