Uludag Teleferik, the influx of Arabs!

uludag ropeway
uludag ropeway

Uludag Ropeway, every 20 1 voyage to the seconds. Hotels in the region of Uludag region is not yet the season, although the cable car 'arab spring' lives.

Starting the morning at 9, the ropeway runs uninterruptedly until the evening 7. The cable car, which is flocked by foreign tourists, gives the passengers the pleasure of panoramic views of Bursa with the 3 station, which consists of Teferrüç-Sarıalan and Hotels Region.

As Bursa Teleferik stated that they encountered a very good demand this winter, Ersoy said that if the expected snowfall in these days, the intensity will be carried to the peak.

Ersoy Ey emphasized that the flights were not affected in any way from rain or rain, and stated that there was only prolonged flight time in heavy winds. With the opening of the season in December 20 hotels this season will increase exponentially, X he said.

Source : I www.bursadabugun.co


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