Will the Tank Pallet Factory with TÜVASAŞ be transferred to BMC?

tank pallet factory with tuvasas to be transferred to bmcye
tank pallet factory with tuvasas to be transferred to bmcye

Will Tank Pallet Factory be transferred to BMC with TÜVASAŞ? : It is claimed that TÜVASAŞ and Tank Palet, one of the most established factories of Sakarya, will be transferred to BMC, which aims to produce national engines, national high speed trains, national tanks and national automobiles. We are curious about the developments regarding the purchase of tank pallets!

It is claimed that the Wagon Factory (TÜVASAŞ) and Tank Pallet Factory, which have been producing for many years in Sakarya, will be transferred to BMC, headed by Ethem Sancak. According to the information obtained, TÜVASAŞ will move to Karasu and the national high-speed train will be built here and the Tank Pallet Factory will remain in place and the national tank will be produced in this factory.

BMC Chairman Ethem Sancak said last week in Denizli: “National engine, national high speed train, national tank and national car. These are four complementary kings. We have taken the permissions, we are dealing with them ”. Previously, Sancak was allocated a large space for the defense industry in Karasu, the ground improvement of the place was carried out by the state and incentives were provided for defense industry investments.

Source : I www.yenisakarya.co

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