When to open the Samsun-Kalın Railway Line?

samsun kalin rail line will be urgent when
samsun kalin rail line will be urgent when

The Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) observations in Samsun Station and the European Union (EU) Delegation to Turkey, President Ambassador Christian Berger, the Samsun-thick specifying railway line will be opened in January 2019, "transport speed around the modernization carried out will be 60 kilometers from 100 kilometers " said

The European Union (EU) Delegation to Turkey, President Ambassador Christian Berger, the Middle Black Sea Development Ajansı'n by (OKA) studies in Samsun came to the meetings organized investigation in recent bride Samsun-thick railway line bulundu.tcdd Samsun who visit the Station Christian Berger He was accompanied by his wife, Marilena Georgiasdou Berger. "Samsun has the highest number of projects in terms of realized projects," said Ambassador Berger.

The head of the European Union (EU) Delegation, Ambassador Christian Berger, who said that he is very happy to be in Samsun, said: mutlu We have a three-day visit. There are many projects carried out with the funds of the European Union. In terms of projects carried out in Samsun, the province has the largest number of projects. One of them is the railway project. The preference for the more recent period, the railways highways in Turkey is very nice. One of these railway lines is the Samsun-Kalın railway line. Bu

Stating that they contributed to the modernization of the Samsun-Kalın Railway Line, Berger said, “This railway line was built in the early years of the Republic and we contribute to the modernization of this railway line. One of the works to be carried out within the framework of this modernization will be to increase the speed of the railway from 60 kilometers per hour to 100 kilometers. Its opening is planned to take place in January of the first month of 2019. Another purpose is to carry more transport here. Even though it is a very high quality transportation center with Samsun port, it is envisaged to increase the transportation. ”

Stating that the efforts of the PKK trying to get out of the EU's list of terrorist organizations are inconclusive, Berger said, “The PKK is on the list of the European Union. And it will remain. No change was made to the decision. One of them was canceled by the court, but the other list still exists. ”

Stating that his grandfather had migrated from Trabzon to Samsun in the past and his father was born in Samsun in 1900, the wife of Ambassador Marilena Georgiasdou Berger said, “It was a great feeling for me to come to Samsun and see this city that they love very much. . My father left here in 1924. When I was 10, I lost my father. So it was a very emotional experience for me to come to a city he loved so much. I think my father was really right. Because when we take a look like this, we see a city where green and sea are together. It is a very lively and student city. We are in a city that should attract many tourists, ”he said.

After the announcements, the ambassador and the accompanying delegation left the station to examine the Samsun-Kalın Railway line.


Source: Emre ÖNCEL - I www.samsungazetesi.co

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