Empathy Training from MOTAŞ to Public Transport Drivers

empathy training for mass transportation
empathy training for mass transportation

MOTAŞ General Manager dün All our efforts make people's lives easier and contribute to a more livable world MOT

Within the scope of the education campaign launched for the purpose of carrying out the in-city public transport vocational training by qualified individuals, MOTAŞ drivers, who conduct the public transportation service in Malatya, are given 'Professional Development' trainings periodically.

”We Continue Our Driver Training by Increasing Every Year“
MOTAS General Manager Anwar Sadat Tamgacı, who stated that they have organized. Professional Development Training 'programs in order to increase the quality of service delivery, shared information about the trainings they gave for their employees at the 2018, which they declared their education year.

Tamgacı stated that they took all kinds of documents as a public transport driver and that they had been trained with well-trained, educated and patient staff and that they took all their staff training in different subjects from 2014 to the present. We set a target for us by programming personnel training from the beginning of the year. Throughout the year, we are trying to achieve this goal and even above our target. Until now, we have exceeded the level of education we have been targeting in 2018.
We apply training programs that are organized in the form of two shifts. Trainings given by our specialist trainers; By providing interactive, enriched learning model enriched training methods, we increase motivation, durability and efficiency.

Work organization, pre-expedition preparation, operations during and after the voyage, emergency plans, ergonomics for public transport drivers, occupational health and safety, customer satisfaction applications, basic elements of communication, effective listening, communication barriers and coping ways, problem solving skills, We train fully equipped drivers with trainings on training, safe and efficient driving techniques and technical training. eğitim MOTAŞ General Manager continued his statements with the following statements;

Eğitim We are the only institution in the region in the education of trainers “
Iz We have organized programs to give 20 person 'trainers' training by giving trainers' skills, to determine the basic principles of adult education and to develop their educational qualifications. As a result of the trainings we provided, we trained trainers who could train all public transport drivers both within the organization and in line with the demands. In this sense, we are the only public transport company in the region that gives 'educational education'. Our aim is to fill the gap in this field and to support corporate development. Isn't it all the effort to make people's lives easier and contribute to a more livable world? Zaten

General Manager of MOTAŞ, who states that frequently encountered legal regulations, regulations and feedback from the passenger to the institution were also discussed in the training programs; Uz In this context, in order to provide passenger safety and to raise awareness, we monitor the videos of the negative examples of drivers and discuss the solutions of such problems with the ler Case Analysis ları method and determine the measures to be taken.

On the other hand, in order to eliminate the negativities of our handicapped passengers in transportation and to increase the awareness and sensitivity of our driver personnel, we implement the gider Drama Method old to the drivers. In this application, a driver is created for our drivers to connect the eyes blindly; the vehicle is brought to the pre-determined stopping point by means of voice commands and it is ensured that the visually impaired citizens can live practically their lives through the tour. With this study, drivers are empathized with the daily life of our disabled citizens Yap

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