Trouble-free Transportation to Manisa City Hospital

smooth transportation to manisa city hospital
smooth transportation to manisa city hospital

Manisa Metropolitan Municipality, Manisa City Hospital with the beginning of the patient's acceptance of the public transport service in the city center. Hüseyin Üstün, Head of Transportation Department, gave information about new routes.

Manisa Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department, with the introduction of the Manisa City Hospital, provided new routes for the public transportation service and ensured the smooth transportation of the citizens. Hüseyin Üstün, Head of Transportation Department of the Metropolitan Municipality, and Kemal Kozakoğlu, City and Regional Planner, also gave information about the subject by stating that the citizens can reach the Manisa City Hospital in a comfortable and fluent way. After completing the transportation master plan throughout the province, the Department of Transportation Department Hüseyin Üstün, who started his speech by stating that they started to work in order to ensure better quality of transportation in the city center, said: lar As the Metropolitan Municipality, we have completed our transformations throughout the province within the framework of the transportation master plan. In order to renew public transportation service in the city center and to provide better quality transportation for citizens, work for electric bus project was started with the investment value of 90 million TL. Together with the electric buses, we have planned the city buses to be integrated. UKOME's decisions were taken, the contours were determined. UK

Transportation Routes Renewed
Since they will start to accept the patients in Manisa City Hospital, they are not informed in writing, lar City Hospital's instantaneous service became unplanned for us. However, in order to ensure that our citizens do not become victims, we have renewed the routes of the lines to get to the City Hospital. Our Presidency by the Department of Transportation was to provide services in an integrated manner with the electric buses. Ulaşım

City Hospital Routes
The superior also gave information about the public transportation route from the city center to the City Hospital. Public transportation routes to the City Hospital are as follows;

Hat 4: Animal Exchange-Barbaros (Departures)
Animal Exchange, Cukurcesme, City Hospital, TOKI 3, Nurlupinar Junction, East Barracks, Alaybey Police Station. , Government, Beyazfil, Malta, Social Security Institution, West Barracks, M. Efendi State Hospital, Dental Hospital, Lale Square (Magnesia Shopping Center), 8 September Primary School, Barbaros.

Hat 4: Barbaros- Animal Exchange (Return)
Barbaros, 8 Eylül Primary School, Vatan Computer, Tulip Square (Magnesia AVM), Dental Hospital. , Head of Department. , Western Barracks, Social Security Institution. , Malta, Ulupark, Sultan Mosque, Old Flea Market, Hatuniye Mosque, Alaybey Police Office , East Barracks, Nurlupinar Junction, City Hospital, Cukurcesme, Animal Exchange.

Hat 5: Horozköy- City Hospital (Departures)
Horozköy, Multi-Program High School, Old Garage, Trade High School, Ayn-i Ali Mosque, Erler Cad., Ulupark (A.Rıza Çevik Primary School), Jewelers' Bazaar, Hatuniye Mosque, Alaybey Bridge, Alaybey Police Station, Nurlu Pınar Junction, City Hospital, Çukurçeşme, Animal Exchange.

Hat 5: City Hospital- Horozköy (Return)
Animal Stock Exchange, Çukurçeşme, City Hospital, Nurlupınar Junction, Eastern Barracks, Police Department, Alaybey Bridge, Government, Beyazfil, Ulupark (Akbank front), Trade High School, Multi-Program High School, Horozköy.

Line 7: Karachay-TOKI 3 (Departures)
Karaçay, TOKİ 2 (G.yurt Mh.), Manisa Science High School, Şirin Supermarket, Shoemakers Site, Waterfall Plaza, KESS (Apprenticeship Training Front), 75. Yıl Mah., ETV, Traffic Registration Branch, YSE Junction, Dental Hospital, West Barracks, Merkez Efendi Hospital, Karaköy, Sultan Mosque, Çarşı Boulevard (Eski Perşembe), Government House, Şehitler Primary School, Station, Chamber of Agriculture, Mental Health and Nerve Diseases Hospital, TOKI 3, City Hospital.

Line 7: TOKI 3- Karaçay (Return)
City Hospital, TOKI 3, Nurlupinar Junction, Second Railway Turn Left 308 Street, Health Center, 555 Street Left 540 Street, Right 547 Street, Left 300 Street, Ömer Faruk Meriç Secondary School, Mental Health and Nerve Diseases Hospital, Mehmetçik Cad , Chamber of Agriculture, Station, Fatih Park, Government, Beyazfil, Ulupark, Sultan Mosque, Karaköy, West Barracks, Merkez Efendi Hospital, Dental Hospital, YSE Junction (Magnesia AVM), Traffic Registration Branch, ETV, 75. Year Quarter, KESS (Apprenticeship Front), Waterfall Plaza, Shoemakers Site, Şirin Buffet, Manisa Science High School, TOKI 2, Karaçay.

Hat 8: Animal Exchange-Ceren Club (Departures)
Animal Exchange, Cukurcesme, City Hospital, Nurlupinar, Alaybey City Police Department, Alaybey Bridge, Uzunyol Cad., Sultan Mosque, Ulupark, Cultural Site, Old Garage, Chauffeur Association, YSE Junction (Magnesia AVM), Bozkoy, CBU Hast., Banks Street, Waterfall Plaza, Sports High School, Ceren Club.

Hat 8: Ceren Club-Animal Exchange (Return)
Ceren Club, Science High School, Immigrant Houses, Kentpark, İ.MKB, Şelale Plaza, Bankalar Cad., CBÜ. Hast., Bozköy, YSE.Kav. (Magnesia AVM), Chauffeurs' Association, Old Bus Station, Cultural Site, Ulupark, Sultan Mosque, Uzunyol Cad., Alaybey Bridge, Alaybey City Police Department, Nurlupinar, City Hospital, Cukurcesme, Animal Exchange.

Hat 9: City Hospital-Bus Station-Horozköy (Departures)
Animal Stock Exchange, Çukurçeşme, City Hospital, Nurlupınar, Multi-Program High School, Left Turn 214 Street, Left Turn 225 Sok., Nurlupinar Kasap, Bus Station, Station, Cumhuriyet Cad. , Right Turn Manisa High School, Avnigemicioglu Cad., Eski Otogar, Yeni Mah., Horozkoy, Akcay Cluster Houses.

Hat 9: Horozköy-Otogar-City Hospital (Return)
Akçay Cluster Houses, Horozköy, Yeni Mahalle, Eski Otogar, Avni Gemicioğlu Cd., Manisa High School, Cumhuriyet Cad., Station, Otogar, Nurlupınar, Multi-Program High School, City Hospital, Çukurçeşme, Animal Exchange

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