Izmir Model will be presented with symposium

izmir model will be explained by symposium
izmir model will be explained by symposium

The Izmir Model will be Explained through the Symposium: The “Izmir Model”, put forward by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and whose scientific study subject is made by a group of 26 academicians and researchers, will be introduced to the public through the symposium to be held at Yaşar University. President Aziz Kocaoğlu and Rector Cemali Dinçer will give the opening speech of the two-day scientific meeting that will start on Thursday.

Along with the investments and projects implemented by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality during the Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu period, local development strategies, which are referred to the literature as the 'Izmir Model', will be discussed at a scientific symposium. The opening speeches of the "Izmir Model in Local Government" symposium, which will be hosted by Yaşar University between November 29-30, are given by President Aziz Kocaoğlu and Yaşar University Rector Prof.Dr. Cemali Dinçer will do it.

“Financial Discipline and Strategic Planning“, “Local Development”, “Public Transport”, Stratejik Social Services “, poz Gulf Case and Environment Üniversitesi, isi Participatory Planning-Transformation Bel, Büyük Culture ve and the Mediterranean Academy ”.

2 panel, 8 session

In the opening session of the symposium, 29 will start at 10.00 on Thursday, November. Dr. Prof. Dr. İlhan Tekeli will give a speech titled ”What kind of claim does the model have? Hangi.

The first session of the symposium Ankara University Faculty of Political Sciences Retired Faculty Member. Dr. Oğuz Oyan will be the moderator. In this session titled “Financial Discipline, Strategic Planning Planlama, Izmir University of Economics Lecturer. Dr. Oğuz Esen will make a presentation. The same university. Dr. Ayla Oğuş Binatlı will participate in the session as a debater.

The second session titled esi Local Development ”was given by Ege University Faculty Member. Dr. It will take place in the moderation of Murad Yercan. Dokuz Eylül University Faculty Member Dr. Yaşar Uysal will give a presentation to the Ministry of EU Agriculture and Fisheries Former President Fatma Can Health, Agricultural Author Ali Ekber Yildirim and Ege University Faculty Member. Dr. Yusuf Kurucu will participate in the discussion.

The third session titled eri Public Transport “was made by the Secretary General of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. It will take place in the moderation of Buğra Gökçe. Gazi University Faculty Member Dr. High School and Regional Planner Gökhan Menteş and retired academic member Dr. Metin Şenbil will make a presentation. M. Yıldırım Oral will participate in the discussion.

At the last session of the day, a panel on ”Social Services Gün will be held. Prof. Yaşar University Faculty Member Dr. The panel was moderated by Şevkinaz Gümüşoğlu. Prof. Dr. İlhan Tekeli, Assoc. Dr. Prof. Dr. Begüm Özden Fırat and Head of the Department of Social Services at the European University of Lefke. Dr. Şengül Hablemitoğlu will participate as a speaker.

15 labor of the year

On the second day of the symposium, 30 will discuss the topics of Dönüşüm Gulf Case and Environment ”, ve Participatory Planning-Transformation“, gün Culture and Mediterranean Academy Sem.

Prof.Dr. from DEU In the session titled “Gulf Case and Environment” moderated by Filiz Küçüksezgin, Prof.Dr. Gökdeniz Neşer and Prof.Dr. Şükrü Turan Beşiktepe, from the session titled “Participatory Planning-Transformation”, moderated by the former Mayor of Çankaya Municipality Bülent Tanık, Assoc. Koray Velibeyoğlu, Assoc. Zehra Akdemir and Assoc. Semahat Özdemir will be a speaker.

Prof.Dr. from Ege University. The names that will take place in the session titled “Culture and Mediterranean Academy” moderated by Alp Yücel Kaya, are also from Bilgi University. Serhan Ada, Prof.Dr. from Kadir Has University. H.Murat Güvenç and Prof.Dr. from Izmir University of Economics. Sukru Ozen.

Symposium Dr. Prof. Dr. İlhan Tekeli from the European University of Lefke. Dr. Prof. Dr. Gencay Şaylan, Sabancı University Faculty Member Dr. Korel Göymen, writer Selahattin Yıldırım, Muratpaşa Municipality Vice President Ferruh Tunç and UNDP Administrator Sezin Üskent will attend the closing panel as a speaker.

The applications of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality in the last 15 year have been transformed into a scientific study by 26 personality academician and researcher group, and many studies and workshops have been evaluated and published in 9 book.



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