783 Occupational Health and Safety Personnel Employed at Istanbul Airport

783 health and safety personnel were employed at the airport of Istanbul
783 health and safety personnel were employed at the airport of Istanbul

📩 26/02/2019 18:13

Transport and Infrastructure Minister M. Cahit Turhan stated that the number of fatal accidents at the Istanbul Airport was 30, and said, “783 Occupational Health and Safety personnel were employed to minimize occupational accidents. With 459 occupational health and safety experts, 350 people have been trained on this subject. ” said.

Turhan, MPC Plan and Budget Commission, the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, General Directorate of Highways (KGM), Information and Communication Technologies Authority (ICTA) and General Directorate of Civil Aviation (SHGM) 2019 in the budget talks answered the questions of MPs.

electronic communications infrastructure in cyber attacks against Turkey, energy, banking, Turhan said that the received target critical infrastructure such as health, said attacks leave more than 95 percent distributed out of service and that form of phishing attack.

Turhan pointed out that in such cyber attacks, due to the anonymity of the internet and the ability to hide identity, it is difficult to see the source correctly, and as of the end of September this year, the number of cyber attacks reported by operators to USOM was 52 thousand 171.

Turhan, 99 thousand 600 reported the number of attacks reported for the past year, so far 28 bin 478 malicious connection has been detected, controls and access to infrastructure level was blocked.

Explaining that cyber security notifications were made by USOM to about 550 thousand institutions, organizations and businesses last year, Turhan said that critical and urgent weaknesses in institutions and organizations, vulnerabilities detected in services open to the internet, and measures to be taken were conveyed to the concerned. Turhan announced that as of the end of September, 2 cyber security notifications were made to the relevant institutions and organizations.

"Negotiations with Wikipedia officials continue"

Turhan questions relating to the prevention of Wikipedia, the scope of Wikipedia contained and Turkey as a terrorist organization with the cooperation of the 5651 Act with regard to show content running in 8 agent that sent warning e-mail for removal of content on Wikipedia, but said that implementation of administrative measures on the removal of content .

Reminding that the decision of the Ankara 1st Magistrates' Judge on April 29, 2017 was approved, Minister Turhan stated that the objection made by Wikipedia to the decision to block access was also rejected by the Ankara 1st Magistrate on 5 May 2017.

Ankara 2 for evaluation of the principles of the appeal of the file. Turhan told that the Peace Criminal Judge sent to the court, refused to appeal on the merits, he said.

Pointing out that the judicial process is continuing on the subject, Turhan emphasized that talks with Wikipedia officials about the content were continuing.

“BTK acts as an audit”

Turhan reminded that the decision was taken by the judicial authorities within the scope of catalog crimes for people who are prosecuted and investigated according to the legislation, regarding the claim that “citizens cannot speak freely on the phone and speak through WhatsApp because they think they are being listened to”.

Explaining that these decisions are moderated by BTK and objected to those who are not in accordance with the procedure and law, Turhan said, “BTK acts as an audit in this sense and prevents any illegal listening. Therefore, it is not possible for people without judicial decisions to be heard in any way. ” he spoke.

Work accidents at the construction of Istanbul Airport

Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Turhan stated that with the start of the work at Istanbul Airport, the service was received from the university specialized in bird migration routes, and that 2 bird radars were installed at the airport as part of the prepared measure package.

Reminiscent of questions about work accidents at Istanbul Airport, Turhan said that the number of fatal accidents was 30 from the beginning of the job.

Informing that 783 Occupational Health and Safety personnel are employed to minimize occupational accidents, Turhan said, “459 thousand people were trained on this subject with 350 occupational health and safety experts. All necessary warnings about worker complaints were made, job site conditions were corrected, subcontractors were warned to ensure that all workers' receivables were paid. ” used expressions.

Turhan, detained on the question of this issue is questioned, they have no such powers, he said.

Bridges and motorways charges

To questions regarding the Treasury guarantees given to the bridges and highways, Turhan reported that the Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge's average 2018-month automobile equivalent in 10 was around 80 thousand.

Informing that the guaranteed income is 2 billion 473 million 465 thousand 448 lira excluding VAT, Turhan said, “The income obtained is 2017 million 733 thousand 80 lira for 391. Guarantee income paid is 1 billion 743 thousand 637 pounds. ” he spoke.

Pointing out that the investment program is very loaded, Turhan said, “Our ministry has a project stock of around 500 billion liras. It takes a long time before we can complete them with existing budget allowances. We do the important ones, the priority ones and what we can do with the build-operate-transfer method, that is, those that we can find financing, with the build-operate-transfer method in accordance with the relevant legislation. I wish we could do all the projects with the build-operate-transfer method. ” found in the description.

Cahit Turhan, pointing out that build-operate-transfer the total amount of work was tendered by the method is 131 billion pounds, Infrastructure Investments said the General Directorate of the Ministry for the Eurasia Tunnel conducted by the Central Organization of 2019 years to be paid in the budget guaranteed by the Treasury appropriations that 167 million pounds bid.

General Directorate of Highways 2019 budget of the Northern Marmara Motorway and Gebze-Orhangazi-Izmir Highway to be paid for the total Treasury guarantee appropriation offer 3 billion 550 million pounds indicating Turhan, said:

“In the Gebze-Orhangazi-İzmir Project in the build-operate-transfer model, the segment between Gebze-Yalova-Bursa provides income above the warranty payment, which we think will only cover the warranty payment in the third year. We use this surplus to compensate for the bridge. If we did the projects within the scope of build-operate-transfer from the investment sources in the budget, the construction period would exceed 10 years. We couldn't find enough resources, it took 14 years. Do these projects need to be done or not? The citizen wants your way. We are looking for a solution to do these, we are pushing our opportunities. To do these, the budget facilities are not enough or you bury the money in the road and land for 10 years as in the past, you also pay the financing cost. You pay by borrowing, it also has a cost, financing cost. ”

“We can make high volume roads with BOT method”

Turhan, the divided roads, fuel and labor loss in the year as a loss of 17 billion pounds in the country provides attention by providing attention, to ensure that the standard of roads should be raised, he said.

Emphasizing that everyone wants a road, Turhan said:

“We can make high volume roads with the build-operate-transfer method. We measure it to do, we discuss it with its experts, the person who takes it 'trims the wool from his egg' to minimize the cost of the project, the amount of investment, the financing cost. We cost the roads we do with public resources and tenders. So our tender method is unfortunately open for that. ”

Emphasizing that the Kırklareli-Edirne road cannot be tendered by build-operate-transfer, Turhan said, "There is no traffic there." said.

Minister Turhan stated that they are now opening to Mersin, Aydın and Denizli and said, “We are trying to find customers on our way. If we find it, we make it economical, we put it into service in a short time and it is not a burden on the budget. ” found the assessment.

Stating that the cost of the Northern Marmara Motorway is 3 billion dollars, Turhan said, “10 years and 5 months will be transferred to us, it has been 2 years. The Anatolian side of the North Marmara Motorway will be the property of the public 5 years and 9 months after the work is completed, the part on the European side will be transferred to the public 6 years and 1 month. If it is required to pay a warranty, we will pay. Tekirdağ-Savaştepe, including the Çanakkale Bridge, will be transferred to the public 10 years and 8 months later. ” he spoke.

Gebze-Orhangazi-Izmir Highway project amount of 6 billion 892 million dollars describing the Turhan, this will take place in the year 16 year 9 recalled.

Turhan stated that the amount of guarantee to be paid here is approximately 700 million dollars per year.

“When we put the project into tender, we said that for the first 3 years, you should pay 4 years warranty. If I did not guarantee, the banker does not give credit to this, I can not find a customer. There is such a thing as risk sharing. I try to give them all kinds of advantages so that they can come and bid on these projects. Because my goal is to make the road. ”

Cahit Turhan, on the criticism of the warranties, said, “Why are they expensive? I have a free road service to the citizen. I'm not inviting anyone here by force. Considering his own interests, the person who uses this place gives this money in exchange for time and fuel savings. ” said.

Then the 2019 budget of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, KGM, BTK and SHGM was adopted.

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