New Stop Arrangement for Minibuses Next to the Station in Sakarya

The Metropolitan National Sovereignty Street is building new platforms for minibus stops located next to the Gar Square. With the work to be carried out, U-turns will be done in one go, the entrance and exit of public transport vehicles will be in a completely controlled manner.

Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department is implementing a new study that will relax the city center traffic. National Sovereignty Street, located next to the Gar Square, where the minibus stops to start working to express their presence, Deputy Secretary General Ali Oktar, 25 September will begin to make the necessary arrangements will be made.

New stall arrangement for minibuses
Deputy Secretary General Ali Oktar said, c There were minibuses carrying passengers on the side of the National Sovereignty Street Gar Square. Our minibuses could not turn back from one lane to another, and during the maneuver there was traffic jam. Now, with a new study, we are moving the minibus stops in this area just beyond Gar Square and building new platform areas in the region. We will open a new gap for the minibuses that will come from the other lane and they will be able to enter the platforms easily. I hope we will start the work on the 25 September Tuesday will be completed within a short time, "he said.

Returns will be in one go
Oktar said, araç With the new application we will implement on Milli Egemenlik Street, the entrance and exit of public transportation vehicles will be in a completely controlled manner. The necessary maneuver area will be opened for the U-turn, and the turns will be provided in a faster and safer way. Hopefully there will be no delay in the current flowing traffic. Collectors of public transport will be able to easily access the citizens together. I wish the new application will be auspicious Yeni.

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