Departure of the Second Stage of Hulusi Akar Boulevard Completed

Metropolitan Municipality is continuing the construction of boulevards which will bring great relief to Kayseri traffic. In the second stage of Hulusi Akar Boulevard, which is one of the major projects of the Mayor Mustafa Çelik, the direction of departure was completed. In the former name of Tavlusun Street for the direction of the work continues. Metropolitan Mayor Mustafa Celik, the road only the cost of the expropriation 68 million TL announced.

Metropolitan Mayor Mustafa Celik, formerly known as Tavlusun Street Hulusi Akar Boulevard in the second phase of an extraordinary study said. Mr. Mustafa Çelik, who recently gave information about visual briefings, mentioned the work they did for the settlement of property rights in the road and stated that they spent only TL 68 for the expropriation value. Stating that the construction problem can be delayed by legal means, the road construction may be delayed 3-4 years. The 124 has more than 124 rights. We negotiated and agreed with more than one rightful owner of 400 and destroyed all structures. The buildings here were old and rotten. Our citizens have moved to safer and more robust structures with the expropriation prices they received from us. Vat

Metropolitan Municipality's vision of the planned planned, aesthetic and functional projects continue to make the voices of the Metropolitan Mayor Steel, getiren When this road is opened, you'll see the relief at both Talas Street and Kartal Junction. The homeland is a region with a very large population. This is the main artery where Anayurt will reach the city. In the middle of the rail system, we make a very large boulevard of 50 meters with three arrivals and three arrivals on both sides. Bike paths, pedestrian paths and recreation areas will be a boulevard in western norms. Kan

The second stage of Hulusi Akar Boulevard, Asik Veysel Boulevard, has been completed and the route to Talas has been completed. In this case, the road to the road that brings great relief to the traffic excavations ended. On the way, new line drawing and deplase work of infrastructure companies are in progress. Following the completion of these works, road construction will be started and asphalted as soon as the road will be opened to traffic. Hulusi Akar Boulevard, will begin to serve in October with departure and arrival.



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