Family-sized Space Adventure in Bursa

The Bursa Metropolitan Municipality's summer camps, which are projected with the aim of educating the scientists of the future and spreading the science to the society, attract the attention of the summer camps of Bursa Science and Technology Center (Bursa BTM). While the scientific camps prepared for science enthusiasts of all ages open the horizons of young people, families spend quality time intertwined with science with their children.

Organized as part of the summer camps of Bursa BTM, the getir Space Camp yaz brought together astronomy and space-seeking families. Participating in the camp, which has a rich and fun content of astronomy and space, spent the night in Bursa BTM. Astronomers in the first part of the camp. Bülent Yaşarsoy gave detailed information to the participants about the solar system, planets, stars, galaxies, other celestial bodies and astronomical events. Dr. Yaşarsoy also clarified the most curious subjects about space as konul Are we alone in the universe, what are black holes, can we settle in Mars? Ende.

Our Mission Mars

Astronomers attended the Space Camp in Bursa Science and Technology Center. Following Bülent Yaşarsoy's interview, they visited the exhibition 'Our Mission Mars', where the space adventure of mankind and the voyage to Mars, accompanied by expert trainers. Families participating in a safe landing event on Mars designed their own mars. In the event where the children had a lot of fun, most of the participants successfully completed the task. Those who participated in the Bursa Space Camp where the sky was observed by telescope also had the opportunity to examine the planets and stars millions of kilometers away at the end of the night. 'Bursa Space Camp', which won great acclaim of the participants, ended with the planetarium.



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