BTS Chairman Bektaş: Germans Can't Solve TCDD's Problems

The German press, took place with Germany's financial and technological support of the allegations will be modernized railway system in Turkey. According to Hasan Bektaş, Chairman of the United Transport Union, this agreement will accelerate the privatization of railways. “Germans cannot solve the current problems of TCDD,” Bektaş said.

According to the report of Serkan Alan from Gazete Duvar, the claims that the political power planned to modernize the railways in the country with the financial and technological support of Germany took place in the German press. According to allegations in Turkey, primarily international German company for the opening of the new high-speed train line is planning to work with a consortium of Siemens presidency.

United Transport Workers' Union (BTS) Chairman Hasan Bektas by the Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD), working together with the German company will speed up in the railway field customizations. Bektas, "a railway entrusted to the Germans do not think that Turkey's sake. They will come here to make money and the privatization of railways will increase, Onlar he said.


on the privatization of the railway system in Germany by Bektas, indicating that the installed applications made in Germany are not an appropriate one to Turkey. Stating that the railways necessary manpower for improving the state of the system in Turkey and technologies owned Bektas, he said.

D Germany cannot solve the current problems of TCDD. The primary thing to do in our country is not the fast train. When we say this we don't move from a place like fast train. We are unable to operate the current high-speed train system. Construction started in 2002, opened to service in 2007, but only in Ankara-Konya and Ankara Eskişehir high-speed train format. He hasn't exactly come to Istanbul yet. It came to Pendik, but a large part of it is working on old conical lines. The introduction of the system in Germany will not solve our problems with the high-speed train. Almanya


Bektas said that the ın domestic and national da discourse of government officials is alar a discourse on foreign policy and its own supporters u. He said that railway transportation will become more expensive after possible agreements with German companies. Bektaş continued his words as follows:

Ece The logic in privatization is how to make more profits. Railways in the world everywhere is a safe transportation system with public service. It is an area that should not be looked at with the logic that we will earn so much money from one place to another. Since the logic in privatization is to make a profit, any investment will be made. They will cut down on costs, safety and employee wages. Disasters such as Çorlu will be increased even if they are covered by safety. The railway has been entrusted to the Germans do not think that Turkey's sake. They will come here to make money and privatization will increase. Onlar

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