Bridge barrier on high-speed train

In order to ensure connection with metropolitan viaducts and to relieve the connection between Istanbul and Eskişehir route, it wants to destroy the bridge in Anadolu Boulevard and make a larger bridge at the same point. TCDD proposes to build a new bridge next to Marşandiz. The chairman Gökçek says:
There was a yaş Marşandiz Bridge arasında dispute between the Metropolitan and TCDD. The Municipality decided to demolish the bridge on the Anatolian Boulevard to rebuild the TCDD. If the bridge collapses, high-speed train services will be disconnected from Anatolia. Those who want to take the high-speed train will have to go to Xinjiang.
Mayor Gökçek said that Anatolian Boulevard would close as soon as the schools closed and they would destroy the Marşandiz Bridge and replace it with a new one. Gokcek, who said the authorities of the GDY would be convinced, da You know, we continue our work in Şaşmaz AOÇ and Celal Bayar and we have closed the traffic. The hardship will last for a short time, he said.
Marginsaki will replace the new one in a very short period of time, said Gökçek, very soon they will reach a compromise in the administration of the GDY, he said.

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