President Carer TCDD 1. Regional Director Nihat Aslan Visited

Bozüyük Mayor Fatih Bakıcı visited State Railways 1st Regional Manager Nihat Aslan.

Bozüyük Mayor Fatih Bakıcı accompanied Deputy Mayors Ali Avcıoğlu and Barış Oğuz and visited TCDD 1st Regional Director Nihat Aslan in his office for a while. sohbet did. During the visit, the status of underpass and overpass works to be carried out by TCDD General Directorate in Bozüyük was discussed and ideas were exchanged. Making an assessment at the end of the visit, President Bakıcı thanked Regional Manager Aslan for his close interest and said, "I would like to thank our State Railways Regional Manager Nihat Bey for his close interest in monitoring our work on vehicle under and overpasses to be applied to our district."

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