IETT, 17 to Winter Tariff on Monday Monday

IETT, with the opening of schools, 17 goes from winter to winter. Periodic maintenance of the buses during the summer period will continue according to the winter tariff.

At the beginning of the new academic year IETT increases the number of buses and flights depending on the winter schedule. According to the 2018 winter season, our passengers can learn the re-arranged flight times from and MobİETT.

Within the scope of the measures taken with the opening of schools; 4 bus and 840 bus as well as 453 bus and 349 metrobus will be placed in accordance with the winter tariff. On the day the schools are opened, it is aimed to direct parents and students to public transportation systems with the additional flights to be carried out by IETT and Metro Istanbul.

17 free public transport on Monday September
With the opening of the schools, in accordance with the decision taken by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, taking into consideration the large number of students who will participate in the traffic; 17 September 2018 General Directorate of İETT (İETT Buses, Private Public Bus, Metrobüs, Nostalgic Tramway and Tunnel) vehicles included in Istanbulkart fee integration between 06.00 and 14.00 on Monday, City Hatları A.Ş. Ferries, private sea public transportation, Metro İstanbul A.Ş. (Tram, Metro, Light Metro and Funicular, Cable Car and Kadıköy Fashion Nostalgic Tram) The tools will give you free service.

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