Bursa Metropolitan 65 Receives 15 TL for Free Transportation from the Age Aged

Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, such as metropolitan 65 free of charge for public transport in Bursa is taken from the elderly to the 15 pounds.

Reacting to the violence of elderly people in recent days, the People's Party of the Republican People's Party Deputy Chairman and Bursa deputy Orhan Sarıbal, Bursa Metropolitan Municipality responsible for the events held. Sarıbal, "The elderly pay both money in Bursa and is exposed to violence," he said.

Of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, explaining that 65 years of age receive 15 TL for free transportation from the old CHP Orhan sarıbal, "3 billion worth of investment in poor despite the budgetary and Turkey's most indebted municipality about 500 thousand old had been to 7.5 million? Our seniors are also beaten by private public buses every week. Yaş

Reminding that the 65 seniors in Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir have benefited from public transport free of charge by showing their penetration wallet, Sarıbal said: Moreover, they do not use the rail system, Bursaray. 15 pounds per annum for citizens over the age of 65 special public buses are given money, but still see violence, X he said. By referring to the Bursa Metropolitan administration, Sarıbal said, ini You will collect money from the elderly. Both the public bus to pay for the money to pay for the eyes will be tolerated, "he said.


Bursa Metropolitan Municipality should stop the practice of taking money from the elderly people who have found 500 thousand, "First of all, take the 15 pounds from the elderly to stop. Let our elderly people benefit from the municipality's rail system Bursaray, not just from the municipal bus and private public buses, as in other major cities, but by showing their penetration wallets. Our citizens over the age of 65 is not your source of money, X he said.

Sarıbal also, to remove this application of the metropolitan municipality, the 2 filed a lawsuit years ago, the application of the Association of Consumer Protection 8 consensus is not concluded with the justification.


Günceleme: 24/12/2018 17:16

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