We Will Show All Kinds For Social Development

In the August issue of Raillife magazine, Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Minister Mehmet Cahit Turhan published a paper titled say We Will Make All Kinds for Social Development Ulaştırma.


Our Ministry, which is responsible for the transportation and access infrastructure of our country, will shed light on the future of our nation throughout the year and have implemented many big projects that will carry our country to the future. With the vision of our President Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, he has carried out giant projects followed by the world.

As the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure starts a new era, our aim is to complete the existing projects, to implement new projects and to move the flag we take over.

We know; The secret of the success that our Ministry 16 has achieved during the year is to work with the spirit of unity and solidarity and always work with the excitement and dedication of the first day. By continuing the same enthusiasm and working enthusiasm, we have always increased our service quality;

Turkey's development, community development and our republic 100. We will demonstrate every effort and determination necessary to achieve our goals for the year.

We will carry our country to the bright future with the power that we received from our President and our New Government system. xnumx't on, come on top of contemporary civilization we aim to see a Turkey that we realized our dream. In fact, we will design our transportation infrastructure for 2023 year and later.


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