From the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality to the Transportation Trades

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Council in August, the attendance at the meeting of the shopkeepers made a decision to delight the transport trades. The Assembly decided to increase the number of 32 thousand TL income support received by the Metropolitan Municipality once every year on a regular basis. President Türel "Once a year by taking the average of WPI-CPI to our traders in the direction of price increases have been decided," he wished the trades would be beneficial.

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Council, which held the meeting in August under the chairmanship of Menderes Türel, has made a decision concerning the transportation trades closely. Antalya Chamber of Busiers President Yasin Arslan and the transport tradesmen followed the meeting of the bus trades to the public once a year by taking the average of WPI-CPI average support was decided to be given support.

Solving the problem with legal regulation
President Türel said that they are in very good cooperation with the transportation tradesmen in Antalya and stated that within the scope of this cooperation, the complaints rate in public transportation decreased and the satisfaction rate increased. President Türel pointed out that after a period of painful work, everything was in order, r 65 was a casualty of transportation tradesmen, who were free of charge for passengers, retirees and students. In fact, they were demanding price increases due to cost increases such as fuel increase, spare part increase and price increases. Now we add it to this system with the idea that friends should connect this system to something automatic. We had a decision to support our tradesmen. We had many meetings with the representatives of the tradesmen and our chamber heads on how to do this support in the Ministry of Family and Social Policies. The result of a legal arrangement was resolved. This is the legal regulation. As a result of this, our coach room in Antalya established a cooperative. We wanted to connect such an application to the system. It is now a kind of front thanks to our efforts in this business in Turkey was opened. I would like to thank Mr. President and our ministers for their support. I thank the members of the Assembly. The price increase will be given to our tradesmen at the beginning of each year by taking the average of WPI-CPI. Her Yasin Arslan, the head of the bus operators, and the transport tradesmen thanked President Menderes Türel on the decision taken in the assembly.

”Sobacılar Çarşısı is a value of our Antalya“
Chairman Türel, Councilor Recep Tokgöz answered the question about the rent increase in the Sobacılar Bazaar. President Türel, the Sobacılar Bazaar, some of the properties of foundations by drawing attention to the foundations, the rent requested by the foundations of the rent is not possible to pull down said. Stating that af Sobacilar Çarşısı is a value of our Antalya ısı, President Türel stated that the tradesmen who came to the point of evacuation because they could not pay their rent there were transferred to the Minister of Culture and Tourism Mehmet Ersoy who was responsible for the foundations. will be solved, çöz he said.

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